Trailer Battle: Xmen Apocalypse, BFG, Kubo

Hey guys!  I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on 3 recent trailers.

Xmen Apocalypse- I thought this was a good trailer and I’m excited to see what Bryan Singer is going to do after Days of Future Past, which I loved.  I know some disagree with me but I’ve always loved the women in the Xmen world and that has drawn me to the series more than other superhero franchises.  So naturally I was really excited to see Jean Grey right off the back telling her dream to Charles Xavier.  I am intrigued by Apocalypse and the connection to the 4 horsemen. I loved seeing the new Storm who looked great! Mystique/Raven looks to continue her emotional run from Days of Future Past. We got a few shots of Magneto and Nightcrawler and then a closing shot of Professor X in his wheelchair.  So cool and it’s hard to argue with the cast- Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Jame McEvoy, Oscar Isaac, the list goes on and on.  Love it!  But the big question is where is Wolverine? 🙂

BFG- This is just a teaser trailer but I’m really optimistic about the direction they are going in.  It looks like old school Spielberg like an ET or Hook, something with a little magic that he hasn’t done in a long time.  I love the book but always felt it would be difficult to turn into a movie because of the rather grisly premise but I trust Spielberg and his team.  I really liked the look of the lead girl and the way they did the narration in the trailer was very effective.

Kubo and the Two Strings- This stop motion film from Laika was totally off my radar but I loved this trailer!  It looks so different than anything Laika has done before- without the gothic, spooky feel of their other films.  I particularly loved the water and the look of the characters.  It is a Japanese adventure of a boy trying to find some magical armor that will save his family.  I really thought this trailer worked and introduced me to the movie which is the point of a trailer after all.  I also thought the music and adventure of the movie looks very promising.

What did you guys think of these trailers? Are you excited for any of these films?

Zootopia Sloth Trailer Review

Hey guys!  Just thought I would share with you my thoughts on the new Zootopia trailer.

Here’s the actual trailer

Long and short of it is I didn’t really like this trailer.  It’s more of a clip than a trailer and I didn’t think it was that funny.  It was like a joke on the Simpsons that gets stretched out way beyond where the gag needed to be.  It doesn’t make me very hopeful for the comedy of the film.  I’ve always felt it looked a little Chicken Littleish, which makes me very nervous and this trailer didn’t calm my nerves in that regard.  I hope it will be good but so far nothing I’ve seen from Disney has won me over on this film yet.

What did you guys think of this trailer?  Are you excited for Zootopia?

Good Dinosaur 2nd Full Trailer Review

spot comforts arloYou guys all know how much I love Pixar (and if you don’t look at my series of Pixar Reviews). So it is such a treat this year to have 2 Pixar movies!!!!  And the cool thing is they are both so different. Inside Out we got a thoughtful, funny, moving story of the inside of a little girls mind.  And in Good Dinosaur we are getting a Finding Nemo-like adventure of a dinosaur named Arlo trying to find his family.  He meets a boy named Spot who becomes his travel-mate and he also meets a group of t-rex dinosaurs who he appears to be friends with.

I don’t know a whole lot else about the story but they just released a new trailer yesterday and it looks like a beautiful film.  I am so impressed with the realism of the plants, water, and other scenery.  I am also excited about the relationship between Arlo and Spot.  It looks like it is going to have a ton of heart to it.  The only thing I am not sold on yet is the design of the T-rex dinosaurs.  They look a little unfinished for Pixar so I hope they are still working on them and will be better in final film.

What did you guys think of the new trailer? Here are some more of my thoughts.

International Trailer

US Trailer