Good Dinosaur 2nd Full Trailer Review

spot comforts arloYou guys all know how much I love Pixar (and if you don’t look at my series of Pixar Reviews). So it is such a treat this year to have 2 Pixar movies!!!!  And the cool thing is they are both so different. Inside Out we got a thoughtful, funny, moving story of the inside of a little girls mind.  And in Good Dinosaur we are getting a Finding Nemo-like adventure of a dinosaur named Arlo trying to find his family.  He meets a boy named Spot who becomes his travel-mate and he also meets a group of t-rex dinosaurs who he appears to be friends with.

I don’t know a whole lot else about the story but they just released a new trailer yesterday and it looks like a beautiful film.  I am so impressed with the realism of the plants, water, and other scenery.  I am also excited about the relationship between Arlo and Spot.  It looks like it is going to have a ton of heart to it.  The only thing I am not sold on yet is the design of the T-rex dinosaurs.  They look a little unfinished for Pixar so I hope they are still working on them and will be better in final film.

What did you guys think of the new trailer? Here are some more of my thoughts.

International Trailer

US Trailer

7 thoughts on “Good Dinosaur 2nd Full Trailer Review

  1. I actually like the new trailer. I watched it a couple nights ago and boy I will say that it makes me even more excited for the film. Chances are it probably won’t be as good as Inside Out, but I bet it will be really enjoyable nonetheless. What do you want to get that they’ll probably show a teaser trailer for Finding Dory and a new trailer for Zootopia on Good Dinosaur?

    1. Oh that would be cool. I hope so. I am so looking forward to Good Dinosaur! Inside Out and it seem so different tough to compare but I am loving what I see with the exception of the trex design that I’m not crazy about. Rest I love!

  2. I’m still not 100% excited about this film. I’m still getting a ‘The Croods’/’Ice Age’ vibe to this film and not liking it, but I’ll havta see the film for myself to see what it’s like.

    But, I’m pretty sure I won’t like this more than ‘Inside Out’.

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