Trailer Battle: Civil War vs Batman v Superman

Just wanted to share with you guys this video I made looking at the recent Captain America 2: Civil War and Batman v Superman trailers.

What did you guys think of the trailers? What is your excitement level for both of these films?

10 thoughts on “Trailer Battle: Civil War vs Batman v Superman

  1. I adore The Winter Soldier. I really want to know how the story of Steve and Bucky will develop. And I like the concept of friends falling apart and undermining the Avengers. Plus, this movie has exactly the same team as The Winter Soldier. The Captain America franchise is easily the strongest in the MCU and I can’t wait for the conclusion.

    Dawn of Justice…I didn’t care for Man of Steel either, and I don’t like Snyder’s work in general. The first trailer for Dawn of Justice gave me hope but the second one destroyed the hope I had. I don’t like their take on Lex Luther, and I felt that they showed too much. And, as someone pointed out to me, the tone of this is very off. The pieces didn’t fit together at all.

    In short, I agree with you. (Someone actually recut the trailer with better editing and leaving out the spoilers at the end…it was leagues better than the one Warner Bros marketing team slapped together).

    1. We totally agree for once! Ha! I’ll have to check out that edited trailer because I also liked the first Batman v Superman trailer and was feeling more optimistic but now not so much. Thanks for commenting.

      1. It’s one of those one’s I feel I will almost have to review on my channel and say yay or nay but if it doesnt work out on me seeing it I wont be sad. Trailers can be tricky like I thought Paddington looked awful and ended up loving it but yeah not optimistic on it

      2. It’s weird. You think the studio would be able to see these problems when they are so apparent to all of us?

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