Trailer Battle: Xmen Apocalypse, BFG, Kubo

Hey guys!  I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on 3 recent trailers.

Xmen Apocalypse- I thought this was a good trailer and I’m excited to see what Bryan Singer is going to do after Days of Future Past, which I loved.  I know some disagree with me but I’ve always loved the women in the Xmen world and that has drawn me to the series more than other superhero franchises.  So naturally I was really excited to see Jean Grey right off the back telling her dream to Charles Xavier.  I am intrigued by Apocalypse and the connection to the 4 horsemen. I loved seeing the new Storm who looked great! Mystique/Raven looks to continue her emotional run from Days of Future Past. We got a few shots of Magneto and Nightcrawler and then a closing shot of Professor X in his wheelchair.  So cool and it’s hard to argue with the cast- Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Jame McEvoy, Oscar Isaac, the list goes on and on.  Love it!  But the big question is where is Wolverine? 🙂

BFG- This is just a teaser trailer but I’m really optimistic about the direction they are going in.  It looks like old school Spielberg like an ET or Hook, something with a little magic that he hasn’t done in a long time.  I love the book but always felt it would be difficult to turn into a movie because of the rather grisly premise but I trust Spielberg and his team.  I really liked the look of the lead girl and the way they did the narration in the trailer was very effective.

Kubo and the Two Strings- This stop motion film from Laika was totally off my radar but I loved this trailer!  It looks so different than anything Laika has done before- without the gothic, spooky feel of their other films.  I particularly loved the water and the look of the characters.  It is a Japanese adventure of a boy trying to find some magical armor that will save his family.  I really thought this trailer worked and introduced me to the movie which is the point of a trailer after all.  I also thought the music and adventure of the movie looks very promising.

What did you guys think of these trailers? Are you excited for any of these films?

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