My Most Anticipated Films of 2017

most-anticipated-thumbnailIt’s that time of the year already where we do our end of the year lists. This includes looking forward to 2017 and the movies to come. I have come up with my most anticipated movies of 2017 list. After being so disappointed in 2016 by most of my selections and other blockbusters I approach this list cautiously. Unfortunately it is hard to put indies on this list because I simply haven’t heard of them yet. I am sure in 2017 there will be gems brought to my attention like Love and Freindship and Sing Street. But for now here are my most anticipated.

15. Wonder Woman- I list this very cautiously as some of the director’s comments have made me nervous and DC has continuously let me down. But if we could get a great female superhero movie that would be so cool. Fingers crossed

14. Kong Skull Island- I was impressed with the trailer and the cast looks great. I hope it is fun with engaging characters and good special effects. I’m skeptical but hopeful

13. The Zookeepers Wife- The premise for this World War 2 drama looks intriguing and I love Jessica Chastain so sign me up!

12. Loving Vincent/The Breadwinner- both of these films will be released sometime in 2017 and I can’t wait. I always root for the indie animation and these look special. Loving Vincent is made up of 65,000 oil on canvaas paintings! The Breadwinner is from the team behind Song of the Sea and that’s enough to get me on board.

11. Spiderman Homecoming- I loved Spiderman in Civil War and he looked great in the trailer. I like that it is a high school story with kids who look age appropriate. Only thing I’m not sold on is the villain.

10. Born in China- Disneynature returns with this story of the pandas. I love the Disneynature films and I am excited for them to explore the pandas. It will definitely be adorable. You can count on that.

9. Thor Ragnarok- I love the director who did Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What we Do in the Shadows. I want this Marvel movie to be hilarious and I want to see our leads interact like the maniacs they are. I love Hemsworth and Ruffalo and it looks so  joyous so it should  be really fun.

8. Murder on the Orient Express- Kenneth Branagh is directing this take on the Agatha Christy novel. They have a terrific cast and I hope it will be an enjoyable mystery. We don’t get those every day!

7. Paddington 2- I love the first Paddington so much and the entire team is back for the sequel. I hope this is charming and well done

6. Dunkirk- I can’t wait to see Christopher Nolan’s take on the WW2 film.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy 2- I LOVED the trailer for this and I am kind of obsessed with Baby Groot. It all looks like so much fun and you can bet I will be purchasing that soundtrack!

4. Lego Batman Movie- Another film I loved the trailers. They were hilarious especially the one where they go over the history of Bruce/Batman. I hope it is visually inventive and the story is good. They shouldn’t just become too focused on the jokes

3. Coco- An original Pixar musical centered around Day of the Dead? Yes please! I love the cast announcement and the artwork I have seen.

2. Star Wars Ep 8- After being disappointed with Rogue One I am entering this one a bit more cautiously but I am very excited to see the next chapter in the story. I want to know the answers to questions surrounding Rey, Finn, Po and BB8. Mostly I just can’t wait to see these characters again!

1 War of the Planet of the Apes-  I’ve loved both of the previous films and this one looks intense and awesome. I loved the trailer and seeing Cesar and the apes get into war with the humans should be pretty epic.

So that is my list. What about you? What are you anticipating for the year? Let me know in the comments section.

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6 thoughts on “My Most Anticipated Films of 2017

  1. This post told me about movies I didn’t even know about but am now excited for! Thank you!!
    Being a huge Agatha Christie fan I can’t wait for the murder on the Orient Express, it’s one of my favourite books as well, AND Paddington were the first ‘proper’ books I read and I instantly fell in love with the character so I am sure the sequel will be as great as the original

  2. I gotta say I’m looking forward to Guardians, Star Wars, Apes, Skull Island, Thor , Spidey and Dunkirk. I’m cautiously hopeful for Wonder Woman, maybe the director didn’t want to say anything bad about Suicide Squad which was truly messy. Agreed on Justice League, I mean I’ll watch it but I’m not putting any high expectations on it.

  3. Good choices here too! I don’t hold out much hope for DC but I’m really looking forward to Dunkirk, Star Wars, and the Marvel movies. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets looks intriguing, and I hope the sequels for Prometheus and Pirates of the Caribbean don’t fall flat. I don’t know when it’s coming out, but keep an eye out for a live-action film of Death Note, which is based on a really good anime series. By the way, Happy New Year!

    1. Oh yeah I remember hearing about Death Note but haven’t heard of Valerian and City of Thousand Planets. Will look them up! Thanks for the recommendation. I actually have only seen 2 of the Pirates movies so I guess I need to get caught up on them. I worry it will be 2017’s Alice Through the Looking Glass

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