Blind Spot Choices 2017

I hope you all were entertained by my Blind Spot series in 2016 here on the blog. I certainly enjoyed watching the 12 films and checking them off of my film bucket list! If you are unfamiliar with the series it’s where we watch and review a classic or well-loved film each month that we haven’t seen (nobody can see everything after all!).

In 2016 I saw- Blade Runner, Tron, Dark Knight Rises, Tales from Earthsea, Yentl, 400 Blows, The Jerk, Talk to Her, Porco Rosso, Unbreakable, Looper and The Ref. You can find links to reviews of all these films here.

My favorite of 2016 was either Porco Rosso or The 400 Blows. My least favorite was definitely Yentl; although it does have some so bad it’s good appeal. It was a great unintentional comedy!

I liked the experience in 2016 so much I intend to continue doing it in 2017.  So here is my list:

moonrise-kingdom3January- Moonrise Kingdom- Somehow I skipped this Wes Anderson film and it seems like a good fit for the month of my first trip to Sundance!

thxFebruary- THX- George Lucas’ debut sci-fi film has always intrigued me but I’ve never seen it

8-1-2March- 8 1/2- My first Federico Fellini film and I look forward to it!

poppy-hillApril- From Up on Poppy Hill- Another Studio Ghibli to cross off the list

duck-soupMay-Duck Soup- it’s perhaps scandalous I’ve never seen this Marx Brothers classic

paths-to-gloryJune- Paths to Glory- Director Stanley Kubrick’s World War 1 movie looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it

boxerJuly-The Boxer- This year I discovered Jim Sheridan’s amazing film In America and so I want to give his boxing film with Daniel Day Lewis a shot.

metropolitanAugust-Metropolitan- I fell in love with Whit Stillman’s Love and Friendship this year and have heard nothing but great things about his debut Metropolitan

manhattanSeptember- Manhattan- I actually like Woody Allen’s more serious films like Blue Jasmine best but I like Annie Hall so hopefully will enjoy Manhattan.

donnie-darkoOctober- Donnie Darko- Richard Kelly’s demonic take on Harvey intrigues me. I know it is out there but I look forward to seeing it.

giovannis_islandNovember-Giovanni’s Island- this World War 2 anime reminds me of Grave of the Fireflies. It looks beautiful and inspiring.

were_no_angels_-_1955_-_posterDecember-We’re No Angels- a lesser known Christmas movie about 2 burglars who end up helping a family get the Christmas spirit sounds like a lot of fun.

I feel like this is a good mixture of styles, themes, eras and should make for a great series in 2017. Let me know what you think of my list and selections!  I look forward to 2017!

12 thoughts on “Blind Spot Choices 2017

  1. Seems a good mix. Out of these, I’ve seen Moonrise Kingdom (really good), 8 1/2 (felt like a joke with a secret meaning that I wasn’t privy to) and Manhattan (which I didn’t like, but Woody Allen’s style doesn’t seem to appeal to me).

  2. Good selection! I’ve only seen Duck Soup (a timeless brand of funny) and From Up on Poppy Hill (not the best Ghibli but still endearing). I’ve really been wanting to check out Donnie Darko and Giovanni’s Island too so I’ll probably give those a watch this year as well.

      1. That’d be great. I’ve never done a collaboration post before so would we just review them around the same time or some other way?

      2. Yeah we’d review them at the same time and promote each other’s blogs as we do it

      3. Sounds good to me. I guess that will be in October and November so I’ll send you an email or vice versa when we get closer.

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