New vs Old Beauty and the Beast Singing

So today we got our first clip of Emma Watson singing in the new Beauty and the Beast remake. I have put both new and old together side-by-side on this video, so it is easy to compare the two.

What do you think of the new version? It sounds younger with more of a pop feel to it. I am a Broadway girl so I prefer the original more mature sound but I don’t hate the new style. It could work for a younger, more realistic, timid Belle.

So far with this Beauty and the Beast remake I’ve been pretty meh on everything I’ve seen. The only thing I’ve really hated is the household objects especially Mrs Potts.

household-objectsI’m very nervous about this film but hopefully it will be great like Cinderella or solid like Jungle Book. Fingers crossed.

What do you think of the singing clip and other things you’ve seen from it?

6 thoughts on “New vs Old Beauty and the Beast Singing

  1. Definitely not on part with the original (which was a Broadway heavy cast in the first place), but I wasn’t expecting it to be. Kind of meh on the entire movie as well.

  2. I didn’t think her singing was that great, but it certainly wasn’t bad either. I really like Emma Watson and I think she’ll be great as Belle so I don’t mind if her singing isn’t spectacular (as long as it’s not awful).

    1. I dont know. The singing is such a big part of Belle to me. If it’s bad I’m not sure I can get over it but this clip is fine. It’s not the robust sound I prefer but not awful

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