Moana Teaser Trailer Review

Aloha! Let’s all be honest- today has been pretty sad. I think we all needed the Moana teaser to cheer us up just a little it. For some strange reason Disney took it down but here it is if you haven’t seen it yet:

You will probably recall a few days ago I wasn’t that bowled over by the Beauty and the Beast teaser everyone went nuts over.  To me it was shots of the sets with music. I still don’t get the big hubbub on that one.

Moana, on the other hand, is a trailer I can get behind! It starts out with our introduction to Maui who is a demigod with a magic hook that can take down the moon and raise islands from the sea!

moana trailer1Then we meet Maui voiced by Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson, and boy does he seem like a cheerful dude! And what I loved is his tattoos move and he talks to them!

maona trailer2Then he does a traditional Polynesian yell and some of the pounding type dancing they do there.

maona trailer3We then get Maui looking straight into the camera. It made me wonder if we will get some 4th wall breaking because going into it I was thinking Maui would be like Gusteau in Ratatouille but it looks like he will be narrating to us, the audience, as well.

moana trailer4Then we get the hilarious deadpan reaction from Moana and her pig. I think this says a lot about her personality. I bet she will be kind of sarcastic and funny. Plus, she is beautiful and that pig is so cute!

moana trailer5Next we get a little bit of the music and it feels like a neat riff on Polynesian melodies. I really like the song! And then we see Moana with the ocean behind her- gorgeous! I love that she looks a little bit more natural in size and appearance than some other Disney princesses.

moana trailer6And then we see Moana throwing a spear at something, so clearly she won’t be a shrinking violet. Love that!

moana trailer7Next we see Moana’s power over the ocean and how it moves away from her. I find this power intriguing but also the ocean beautiful and green.

moana trailer8Then there are large waves and a houseboat full of people crashes over them. According to one of my friends on twitter this is a traditional boat used in that part of the world.

moana trailer10And then we see dolphins! So pretty!

moana trailer11And finally we are back to Maui and we see him turn into a bird.

moana trailer12Now that’s how you do a teaser! We saw a lot of Moana and Maui. We got to see real visuals to give an idea of the story and style. We got to hear the great music and see a tease at both the sweetness and action of the film.

I’m thrilled with this teaser and my anticipation for Moana is now through the roof but it was already my most anticipated of the year!

What about you? What did you think of the teaser and are you excited for Moana?

15 thoughts on “Moana Teaser Trailer Review

      1. Nice. It get’s the rare Mark theater viewing. Anything else this year you planning on seeing?

      2. Lol, for the past few years I’ve given the “rare Mark theater viewing” for Disney Canon and Pixar films.

        I wanna go see Finding Dory in theaters too (because Pixar), but I generally don’t watch movies in Ramadan (unless for my blog), so I might go see it when Ramadan ends.

        Other movies that I might give a theater viewing to include Now You See Me 2, Suicide Squad, and Doctor Strange.

      3. Ha. Cool. I’m going to miss some when I’m in Spain but hopefully can play catch up on Tarzan and BFG. Did you see Batman v Superman? What’d you think?

  1. I just heard about what happened in Orlando, I am so sorry. I love this trailer, the animation is amazing and Moana sounds really sarcastic but clever, kind of like nick Wilde in a way. The hand-drawn animation on the tattoos was a nice touch. Disney has come such a long way from chicken little.

  2. I hadn’t paid much attention to Moana, to be honest. But after all the trailers I’ve seen in theatres for more bland or obnoxious-looking animated films this year, this one looks really promising. It looks like it’s going to be an immersive and visually stunning film: this, along with The Good Dinosaur, shows how far computer animation has come with regards to handling water. It also gets the balance right with how much we are shown, revealing some cool aspects without actually saying much about the story, rather like The Force Awakens. Yes, we see Moana throwing a spear to show she’s a bit of a badass, but we also see other things like her parting the sea – so hopefully this won’t be like Brave where the teaser made it look like an action-adventure and then it wasn’t really.

    1. That’s such a good point about the barrage of lame animated trailers this stands out even more. I agree the animation looks amazing and I hope we dont get another Brave situation. I like how this showed us more than the Beauty and the Beast without too much

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