Best Indie Films of 2016

Hey guys! Lately I’ve felt a little bit burned out on blockbusters. It just feels like everything has become so polarized, even toxic when it comes to these big movies. Plus, we’ve had a lot of mediocre ones in 2016. So, it was with glee that I spoke with my friend Mark and we decided to do a podcast on independent films!

This has been so great because it encouraged me to see a bunch of independent films I might not have otherwise seen and I am the better for it. We each came with our top 10 lists and discussed them. We had a lot in common but some differences as well. I would love if you gave this podcast a listen and let me know what you think.

What indie films have you seen this year? I don’t want to give away our order but some of the films we mention are Sing Street, Love and Friendship, Everybody Wants Some!, The Witch, April and the Extraordinary World, Only Yesterday, The Invitation, etc.

I think with these independent films you can get back to the true passion behind filmmaking that sometimes gets lost in the big budget properties.  A movie like April and the Extraordinary World for instance can take some risk that Moana isn’t going to be able to take. That makes them really fun to watch.

Check out Mark’s blog at

And this has turned out to the be the week of podcasts. Yesterday I spoke with my friend Tom about Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan. I would love if you checked that one out.

Also this Saturday I am going to meeting with Abby, Jeremy and Richard about the Prisoner of Azkaban!

I love talking about these films with my friends. If any of you have ideas for podcasts let me know! I’m always up for it.

4 thoughts on “Best Indie Films of 2016

  1. I always appreciate a good Top 10 and here we offer two for the price of one. This was a great idea for a podcast. I love how our lists are pretty divers at first but match up where it counts. We each have some great titles to check out. Thanks again for having me on.

    1. Thank you for joining me. I had a blast! And I agree, we covered a lot of ground and I’m looking forward to seeing some of your choices like The Invitation.

  2. Very enjoyable podcast. Unfortunately my local cinema is not kind to indie films and I have limited time at the moment to seek them out – it’s good to have something like this to point you in the direction of the best ones. From what I can gather, Love and Friendship isn’t coming out on DVD in the UK until 31st December (!!) and I just hope I can watch it on Amazon or something before then. It’s frustrating how difficult it sometimes is to access these projects.

    1. It really is so frustrating. I’m convinced some of these films would be big hits if they were just granted more screens. It’s very annoying. I really hope with Love and Friendship because it is Amazon studios it will be faster than that. Some of them like Presenting Princess Shaw you can stream now. Thanks so much for listening.

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