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So I have to admit I get a kick out of fan theories.  Most of them are nonsense but I think they are funny. I find it amusing how the good theorists can weave themes and characters together to create compelling arguments.

Of course most of us know the Pixar Theory. Basically it is a theory that all of the Pixar films are connected from Toy Story all the way to The Good Dinosaur.  Here is how The Good Dinosaur fits into the theory

(Warning all of these videos I am posting have spoilers so if you haven’t seen the films beware!):

This Inside Out theory I thought was pretty good.  Is Riley adopted?

There are also a lot of fun fan theories for Disney.  This one about Elsa and Rapunzel being sisters is very solid and fun.

This one about Beauty and the Beast is great!


Harry Potter has a lot of fun one’s.  Here is one that JK Rowling liked and said fits!

There is also a theory that Harry might not be the Chosen One after all

I also liked this one that merges Star Wars and Harry Potter- Is Kilo Ren Snape?

Here’s a fun one that supposes is the Joker in Batman v Superman Jason Todd not the Joker we see in other films?

This was pretty clever about James Bond.  Is it just a code name?

In the world of Star Wars we have many fan theories and this one was legendary.  Jar Jar is a Sith Lord!

Here is one I love debating who is Rey’s father?

Anyway, there are a ton of fun fan theories.  What are some you like? Do you enjoy watching them?

2 thoughts on “Movie Fan Theories

  1. I love fan theory videos like this! Have you seen the one from SuperCarlinBrothers that suggests George Sanderson was Riley’s monster because Bing Bong’s legs look like his?

    Here’s a couple I’ve heard that I don’t necessarily believe in but sound funny:

    Jack Dawson from Titanic time-travelled from the future, which would explain how he went ice-fishing on an artificial lake which didn’t exist in 1912. In his original timeline, the Titanic didn’t sink (otherwise why would he get on?), but Jack’s presence inadvertently caused it to: the lookouts were distracted by him and Rose kissing which led to them not seeing the iceberg in time.

    In The Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf actually meant for the Fellowship to fly to Mordor on the eagles. He was leading them to the eagles’ home in the Misty Mountains, and kept the plan to himself to make sure Sauron couldn’t get wind of it. When he’s about to fall into the pit and cries out “Fly, you fools!”, he’s trying to tell the Fellowship that they’re supposed to literally fly to Mordor.

    1. That Titanic one is trippy. I have heard that Lord of the Rings one and it makes sense. I buy it. I agree it is fun to hear the arguments and how they defend it.

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