The 5th Wave Review

So I don’t have time to do a written review here for the new YA adaptation, The 5th Wave.  But I did post a review on my youtube channel and I had a little bit of fun with it so I’d love if you’d check it out.  Thanks!

You could say the film was not my cup of tea…

Any of you see it?  What did you think?

PS.  I have some fun things happening this weekend involving The Sundance Film Festival and will try to keep you updated.  Plus, it’s my 35th birthday (yes, I’m old…). 🙂

3 thoughts on “The 5th Wave Review

  1. I was disappointed with the movie. It had great potential, but it fell short. The opening scenes were cool, but it just became boring, dull, and very teen / YA mellowdrama (but in not in a good way). I still plan on reading the books, but hardly expect a sequel movie in the future.

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