Ranking Disney Men

My post on the Disney princesses was such a hit I decided to tackle the Disney men- a much thinner pool to draw from but a few good one’s mixed in.

I decided to use this graphic as my guide because I couldn’t count every man say Geppetto or Kuzco so here goes:


I did add Kristoff from Frozen, and Milo from Atlantis: The Lost Empire because they are such central characters, and subbed out Phoebus for Quasimodo because I feel you get to know Quasimodo much better in the movie.

phillip with chains

1. Prince Phillip- tough, brave, impetuous, dancer, dreamer, warrior

aladdin2. Aladdin- good friend, dreamer, smart, learns to be humble and honest.

Flynn_Rider3. Flynn/Eugene- Starts out confident, fun-loving, adventurous, learns to be kind, honest, and less cynical.

eric4. Eric- Dreamer, won’t settle, kind, soft spoken with mute Ariel, brave, determined.

li shang

5. Li Shang- Do I need to say much more than this picture?  He’s definitely the hottest Disney man IMO.  But he is also tough but kind.  He learns to forgive and has a nice smile.

End-of-Beauty-and-the-Beast 1024.beauty.beast.ls.24136. The Beast- We never get a name for Beast but Beast.  I guess some say his name is Adam? He has the biggest transformation of any Disney man.  He starts out a monster and turns into a gentleman who gives up all for Belle.

jim7.. Jim Hawkins- Free spirit, adventure seeker, loyal to Mom and friends

Kristoff_20138.. Kristoff- Honest, Will tell you what he thinks, Loving, Good friend to Sven.

quasi29. Quasimodo- Dreamer, hopeful, trusting, kind, innocent.

tarzan and jane10.  Tarzan- Innocent, sweet, simple, brave when needs to be, loyal, fun loving, exciting.

hercules11.  Hercules-  Confident, a desire to make others happy, brave, a little bland especially compared to Megura


12. Milo- Adventurous, Determined, Honest.  The characters around him have much more personality.


roger13. Roger- Musical, Fun loving, Welcoming, Don’t know him well but seems like a good husband and man.

pocahontas-and-john-smith14.  John Smith- Now we are getting into the thin gruel. He is at least inquisitive and has an open mind.  He listens but pretty bland.

peter pan15.  Peter Pan- Can’t be too hard on Peter because he’s just a boy but the way everyone fawns all over him is annoying. He’s cute and fun but not my fav.

naveen16. Naveen- Confident, learns to be loyal, but he seems kind of a womanizer at beginning and I’m never quite convinced he changes.

prince-charming-cinderella17.  Charming- Most of what we learn about him is in this look and a yawn earlier.  We do hear how impetuous and hesitant to settle down he is from his father and the Duke.

Snow-White-and-Prince18.  He comes, he sings.  He comes back and kisses and leaves with the girl.  Doesn’t even have a name but The Prince.

What do you think of my list?  I would love to hear suggestions of other lists for the next 2 weeks.  Put down your order below or critique away! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Ranking Disney Men

  1. Ha! We have the same number one! (And Eugene is my number two, followed by Shang…after that, the ranking doesn’t matter much. I can’t stand Naveen, though, consider Milo a Gary Stu and Quasimodo flat…and yes, I know that the latter one is an unpopular opinion, but the guy is just too nice to be real).

    I actually don’t mind the prince. I mean, he is not much of a character, but he searches for Snow White for a while year, that’s what I call dedication. Plus, they are kind of cute together.

    1. Good point! I hadn’t thought of that with The Prince. I thought you’d like my putting Jim so high.
      Not a Naveen fan either. Pretty much John Smith down could be shuffled and I’d be ok with it.
      It was harder to make this list than the women. 🙂

      1. Oh, I think Jim is a great character. I just tend to think of him more as a teen than an adult character. I tend to rate male characters in a Disney movie on the “would I would like to have dinner with this guy” scale. Which is not exactly a good way to judge them as characters, I admit, but works perfectly for the Disney Princes (with the exception of Aladdin) because they are first and foremost written as love interests.

      2. I like that! Of course my who can take me to dinner level is pretty low 😉

  2. Your list is very interesting, though some are definitely a bit different (don’t have a list myself for ranking male characters). The first 2 princes are lame, Peter Pan is an ass, and I get why you dislike Naveen.

    Prince Eric and Phillip are generic to me, Hercules and Milo are Gary Stus. I like all the others, though Kristoff is eh.

    1. Eric and Phillip generic ha. I mean no man in Disney is that deep but I always liked them.
      You guys and your Gary Stus. Doesn’t bother me for kind of story it is. Would I like them to be more dynamic and interesting? Yes but I’m ok with it.
      So who would you put as #1

      1. They do have some personality, but neither of them are really that interesting to me, and the typical “squeaky clean prince that is a prize”.

        Hercules and

      2. I hate it when my comment cuts off.

        Hercules and Milo kind of are Gary Stus. Literally everything goes the way Hercules and Milo wants it to go, neither really learn anything, and neither have a personality flaw that they need to get over. Not really anyways.

      3. I dont know why it cut it off. Sorry about that.
        I think that’s true about Hercules and Milo but I guess not every character has to learn something. Some characters are more narrators and the stories surrounding them are interesting. Like Nick Carraway in Great Gatsby is a Gary Stu as you put it but what surrounds him is interesting enough and dynamic enough to make a neutral narrator ok.
        That’s why I put them in the middle. I didn’t dislike them or like them. But I agree with you they arent dynamic. Not many Disney men are. Most either narrators or love interests.
        But I see your point. Aladdin is pretty dynamic. Do you like him?

      4. I accidentally clicked enter before I finished commenting.

        I definitely agree that the men are usually not dynamic. I do like Aladdin. One of the only princes I like.

    1. That’s true. You dont see a ton of it but I do like their marriage. I’m going to do a best parents list (which arent many to go off of) and even though it’s puppies I think they’d be pretty high

  3. Honestly, Eugene’s my favorite – I love guys who are pains in the arse, especially when they look good. 😉
    But I have to say I have something with Prince Philip from “Sleeping Beauty”: indeed I got the impression he’s the first Disney Prince who has his own personality and a real presence compared with inconsistent “apparitions” like princes from “Cinderella” and “Snow-White”.

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