Ranking Disney Men

My post on the Disney princesses was such a hit I decided to tackle the Disney men- a much thinner pool to draw from but a few good one’s mixed in.

I decided to use this graphic as my guide because I couldn’t count every man say Geppetto or Kuzco so here goes:


I did add Kristoff from Frozen, and Milo from Atlantis: The Lost Empire because they are such central characters, and subbed out Phoebus for Quasimodo because I feel you get to know Quasimodo much better in the movie.

phillip with chains

1. Prince Phillip- tough, brave, impetuous, dancer, dreamer, warrior

aladdin2. Aladdin- good friend, dreamer, smart, learns to be humble and honest.

Flynn_Rider3. Flynn/Eugene- Starts out confident, fun-loving, adventurous, learns to be kind, honest, and less cynical.

eric4. Eric- Dreamer, won’t settle, kind, soft spoken with mute Ariel, brave, determined.

li shang

5. Li Shang- Do I need to say much more than this picture?  He’s definitely the hottest Disney man IMO.  But he is also tough but kind.  He learns to forgive and has a nice smile.

End-of-Beauty-and-the-Beast 1024.beauty.beast.ls.24136. The Beast- We never get a name for Beast but Beast.  I guess some say his name is Adam? He has the biggest transformation of any Disney man.  He starts out a monster and turns into a gentleman who gives up all for Belle.

jim7.. Jim Hawkins- Free spirit, adventure seeker, loyal to Mom and friends

Kristoff_20138.. Kristoff- Honest, Will tell you what he thinks, Loving, Good friend to Sven.

quasi29. Quasimodo- Dreamer, hopeful, trusting, kind, innocent.

tarzan and jane10.  Tarzan- Innocent, sweet, simple, brave when needs to be, loyal, fun loving, exciting.

hercules11.  Hercules-  Confident, a desire to make others happy, brave, a little bland especially compared to Megura


12. Milo- Adventurous, Determined, Honest.  The characters around him have much more personality.


roger13. Roger- Musical, Fun loving, Welcoming, Don’t know him well but seems like a good husband and man.

pocahontas-and-john-smith14.  John Smith- Now we are getting into the thin gruel. He is at least inquisitive and has an open mind.  He listens but pretty bland.

peter pan15.  Peter Pan- Can’t be too hard on Peter because he’s just a boy but the way everyone fawns all over him is annoying. He’s cute and fun but not my fav.

naveen16. Naveen- Confident, learns to be loyal, but he seems kind of a womanizer at beginning and I’m never quite convinced he changes.

prince-charming-cinderella17.  Charming- Most of what we learn about him is in this look and a yawn earlier.  We do hear how impetuous and hesitant to settle down he is from his father and the Duke.

Snow-White-and-Prince18.  He comes, he sings.  He comes back and kisses and leaves with the girl.  Doesn’t even have a name but The Prince.

What do you think of my list?  I would love to hear suggestions of other lists for the next 2 weeks.  Put down your order below or critique away! 🙂