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This weekend ESPN debuted the first part of a 2-part docuseries on disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong appropriately entitled Lance. As a huge fan of the 30 for 30 series this is a film I was not about to miss. Lance is directed by Marina Zenovich and it does a good job of painting Armstrong as a complete narcissist who both is and isn’t to blame for his situation. He absolutely used his fame to ruin people’s lives when they were telling the truth, but he also got caught up in a system where everyone else was doing it and he simply did it the best.

LANCE - Still 2

Zenovich starts out part 1 with Armstrong’s early years as a young triathlete in Texas. He grew up with a very young Mom and a father who wasn’t in the picture. In addition his step-father admits to beating him on a regular basis. This brought out the competitor in Armstrong and made him the kind of person who would do anything to win.

Then the documentary continues through his racing years and Tour de France wins and to be honest we are pretty much on his side up until that point. Everyone involved seems to agree that the sport had such a problem that the only way he could have won is to participate in the doping. In one shocking moment Armstrong even advocates for the drug saying it is clean with very few risk-factors in taking it. Maybe these drugs aren’t so bad after all? We almost catch ourselves saying.

We especially want Armstrong to be vindicated because of the good work he is doing to fight cancer with his Livestrong organization and other positive outreach. Even though we know the answer we want it to be the great underdog story we all believed at first it was.


And then things take a turn… Once the investigations start and he begins hurting the legacies of former friends and teammates Armstrong’s meanness and narcissism is on full display. Possibly most shocking is he has no regrets for his behavior! He says ‘I’m sorry’ but then says he would make all the same choices again if given the chance!

There’s nothing groundbreaking about the filmmaking in Lance but it is all fine and in service to a fascinating character. He in many ways is the ultimate fallen hero but even more than that: He is the hero that you realize was running the ponzi scheme the entire time, which is so sad. Can there be redemption for this kind of betrayal? Is forgiveness possible? I like to believe there are no lost causes so who knows? The documentary doesn’t give us any easy answers so we will all have to wait and see.

8 out of 10

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  1. This is a good display of fallen humanity, huh? Sounds depressing without a redemptive finale. Let’s hope in real life this man does find true Forgiveness in the only One who can provide it.

    Did you feel that this film was educational? Like, could this be watched with a view towards “see the mistakes this man made, don’t do that and turn out like he did!” – something that a teen might get something out of beyond just a historical record? Just curious.

    1. Hmmm. It’s more educational in the sense of a complex human. He is absolutely a narcissist and deserved everything he got but you can understand given the temptations why he cheated. But even the cheating isn’t the cause of his downfall. It was his own ego and lack of care for other people. If hadnt come back from retirement he would never have been exposed and he’d still be the hero but he’s such a narcissist he couldn’t leave it alone. While in a certain way this is repulsive on another it’s interesting. At least to me it is

      1. I guess you could say it plays out like a Greek tragedy in many ways

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