How to Save Jurassic Park

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One of the most impactful moments of my movie-going life occurred when I was 12 years old and saw a little movie called Jurassic Park. I loved it so much I saw it again, and again until I had seen it 7 times in the theater. My young brain was completely caught up in the magic of the great storytelling. I had never seen images like the dinosaurs on the screen. I had never felt such fear, awe, majesty and excitement. It was exhilarating! Even now years later, Jurassic Park still holds up as quite possibly the greatest blockbuster entertainment ever made.

Having loved the first one so much you can imagine my excitement when they announced a sequel and Steven Spielberg would be directing again! This was thrilling! And then I went to the theater and had my first real disappointment. It was cluttered, boring and thoroughly lame.

The rest of the sequels have continued the trend of the Lost World and been very disappointing. The most recent example is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I liked it a little bit better than Jurassic World because the director J.A. Bayona is talented enough to put together some engaging set pieces. However, some plot choices were idiotic and much of the movie the dinosaurs are in cages because that makes sense…

So it begs the question- what would I do to make a better Jurassic movie or is it just a hopeless endeavor? Do you have to get so convoluted trying to get people back to the dinosaurs that it just doesn’t work any more? Well, like I have saved Superman, Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton I have a proposal to what I think would fix Jurassic Park (BTW the hints at Jurassic World 3 left in Fallen Kingdom sound completely awful so this is strictly a fantasy pitch).

The group could be kind of similar to the diverse collection of people on the show Lost

My main premise is to take the idea of the Jurassic Park 3 but actually execute it well. You start out with a cruise ship that is shipwrecked onto the Isla Nublar. They have no way of reaching anyone and nothing to do but to try and survive until another ship comes.

Do not have any of the original characters but create new characters that have compelling backstories about why they came on the cruise. You could have a mixture of workers, elites, young singles looking for love etc. You can cast charismatic actors that are fun together and of course you need to have some people who are jerks that can be eaten by the dinosaurs LOL.

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Naturally you are going to want to have lots of dinosaur action and antics but don’t forget to have moments of awe and wonder as well. One big mistake in Jurassic World was killing off all the herbivores so there was no moments to stop and breathe. In Jurassic Park we get a lovely little break where Lexi, Tim and Dr Grant get to pet a brachiosaurus. As an audience we need this moment both as a breather for the characters but to make the dangerous dinosaur moments more chilling and real.

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I would also make it a priority in my movie to create real characters that have meaningful conversations. Sure the dinosaurs are great in Jurassic Park but so are the characters. One of the best moments in the film is when Dr Sattler and John Hammond are eating ice cream and Ellie calls Hammond out on his BS. He is waxing on about his dreams (letting us get to know him) and she basically dope slaps him and says “all that matters is the people that we love”. We learn so much about these characters in one quick scene of dialogue and so we care about them when they face all the action and tension.

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The thing I like about this shipwreck idea is that it wouldn’t require some convoluted reason for them going back to the island and it wouldn’t necessitate some ridiculous excuse for mutant or militarized dinosaurs. It’s just people on an island with dinosaurs trying to survive. That’s enough. That’s all you need. These other sequels have just gotten too stupid for my liking and I can’t deal with it. Jurassic Park was smart! It can be done.

Of course some of the characters would fall to the dinosaurs but eventually a ship would come or they would find some way to signal from the old Park headquarters and be rescued. And as they are being rescued the T-rex would be coming towards them but they zoom away just in time. This would be exciting and a thrilling moment for all involved. Don’t worry about setting things up for a sequel or starting a cinematic universe. Just make a fun monster movie with a good script and it will make tons of money. I know I would LOVE it!

So there you have it. That’s my idea for a Jurassic Park movie. I think almost anyone will agree my idea is at least better than whatever ridiculous nonsense they have planned for Jurassic World 3.

Sigh…What could have been.

How would you save Jurassic Park? And what do you think of my idea? Let me know in the comments section

8 thoughts on “How to Save Jurassic Park

  1. I agree. I think the main thing they have to get away from is the idea of a Jurassic Park movie having to be a monster movie. They did it with the first one and they did it so well, it is impossible to replicate. Your idea is not so bad, they could try their hand on a survival movie in which one of the things they need to survive happen to be dangerous dinosaurs, but without trying to create the constant chase scenes and more figuring out how people could shelter themselves in a way that they are reasonable secure until help arrives in such circumstances. Or they go with what I though Jurassic World 2 would be about first, make a movie which treats the dinosaurs as endangered species and ask the question if they should really keep predators which could easily kill humans alive.

    Just not another run of the mill monster movie.

    1. Yeah that’s a good way to put it. Make it more of a survival story more than a monster movie

  2. Quite possibly a new low for this franchise. Entries 2 & 3 weren’t very good either either but Jurassic World at least made sense. For the first time the park was now open. We get a disaster style movie along the lines of the Poseidon Adventure or the Towering Inferno. It was fun.

    This wasn’t fun. The screenplay is just awful. Nothing makes sense. And it doesn’t even have a sense of humor. This movie needed more Jeff Goldblum and his voice of reason. I wish he had been in it more.

    1. Fair enough. I dont like any of the Jurassic sequels. What do you think of my pitch?

  3. I wouldn’t mind seeing this idea as a TV miniseries rather than a film. There’d be room for various adventures, explorations of the island, character arcs and different plans on how to escape. I definitely agree about the value of having new characters and breather moments. Personally, I would also put some focus into making the dinosaurs actually look good again, with practical effects rather than an overload of CGI. While it might not fit in with your idea, I would also like to see a scientist character trying to do some proper research on the dinosaurs, like in the novel of The Lost World.

    I haven’t minded the general direction of where the Jurassic World films have taken the franchise, though the execution has had some problems, particularly in Fallen Kingdom. When I was an excitable kid and imagining how things might escalate after The Lost World, my ideas were similar to the apparent setup for Jurassic World 3, though I don’t think I’d thought through the practicalities.

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