Pitch Perfect 3 Review (Some Spoilers)

Let me start by saying to most people Pitch Perfect 3 is just a lame comedy but to me it hurt my heart quite a bit. I don’t have many live action comedies I like these days. Most are so vulgar and obscene that I don’t even bother seeing them let alone loving them. However, the original Pitch Perfect was an exception to this rule. It was funny, empowering and had some great music, and I loved it so much.

I went to a college where acapella music was kind of a big deal, so that music will always be nostalgic for me, but even beyond that nostalgia these girls were good singers, and the arrangements were creative. I also loved the characters particularly Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy who wasn’t just a fat joke but owned who she was and was hilariously self-confident. Anyway, I loved the first movie and it will always be special to me.

And then there was the second movie, which I probably gave more of a pass to than I should have. It had just enough funny parts but it was a decent step down in quality. Of course, it made a ton of money so we all knew there would be a Pitch Perfect 3 . Honestly, the resulting film is not a pretty scene you guys.

Pitch Perfect 3 kind of sucks and it makes me really sad.

The cast of the Bellas are all back and they are all trying. There is chemistry there and some of the singing is good (but a little boring this time). The problem is the plot is super weak and it’s not funny at all. I don’t know what they were thinking with this story. I felt embarrassed for these actors especially John Lithgow who should be banned from Australia with the accent he tries to pull off.

Basically the Bellas reunite and go on a USO tour which is also a competition for some rapper. Most of that is very boring with terrible jokes sprinkled in usually about how fat Amy is. Fat Amy has gone from empowering to a complete joke. Then in a completely baffling second act the girls get abducted and Fat Amy becomes an action hero taking out bad guys with karate chops. I just sat there thinking ‘what have you done with my sweet little comedy?”

All of the relationships from the previous films are abandoned except for the Bellas and Becca (Anna Kendrick) immediately abandons her dreams of producing music because pop stars are difficult to work with- what the heck? There was never any sense of her wanting to be a solo singer or that being a dream of hers in the previous films. Literally she doesn’t even want to join the bellas because it will detract from her producing work.

But all of that wouldn’t matter if it was funny but the humor was insultingly bad. They don’t even get any laughs from Gail and John commentating. It just sucks. My advice is to buy the album and listen to a few songs and watch the first movie again. Pitch Perfect 3 deserves to be pitched in the trash. To use a pun from the movie- it is acaterrible.

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  1. Wow, that’s a disappointment. I think I liked the second film more than the first just because I found it funnier, but everything I’m hearing of this third one is disheartening.

  2. Ha! I didn’t even realise the series was a comedy – for some reason I’d been thinking this whole time that Pitch Perfect was in the horror genre. *facepalm* But from your brief comments on the first one, I may like it – I’ll have to look at it a bit closer now that I know what it is. And I’ll just stick to ignoring the sequels.

  3. I thought it was horrible, too. The first one was so brilliant. The second one,I really didn’t like that they changed Bella from being strong,to someone who was awkward around DSM. I think they way overplayed Emily, and tried to make her look like a Bella knock off, which didn’t work. I only loved the scenes with Keegan in it. I also felt that the first one was plausible, even from being hit with a burrito. But the second one, was much less plausible, and the third one was just ridiculous and absurd from the accident that left a party in ruins and bees flying everywhere, to the scene where Amy is an action hero. And I totally agree, listening to Lithgow’s accent was painful and I cringed every time he spoke.

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