How to Make the Best Movie Popcorn

For your next movie night try my recipe for the best movie popcorn!

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Of course everyone knows I love to watch movies. Going to the theater is one of my favorite past times and I usually see 2 or 3 movies there a week. However, I also love to watch movies at home and have a pretty comfortable set up with a good sound system (thanks Dad!). Naturally when you watch a movie you want to have good snacks and so I thought it would be fun to share with you guys my recipe for making the best homemade movie popcorn! If you like this let me know and maybe I can share more snack recipes in the future.

Homemade Movie Popcorn

There are many ways to make popcorn. You can air pop it for the healthiest version and there is the microwave but stove top is definitely the best. Here is the steps.

Ingredients- Popcorn, Canola Oil, Salt, Melted Butter and various…

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