Animation Pitch Session!

So I just participated in a really fun podcast over on my youtube channel. My friend’s Josh and Mark joined me to do a pitch session for ideas for animated films and series. I got the idea after I was so depressed with the upcoming 2017 slate. So I decided the studios need better ideas and my friends and I could give them some!

The way the pitch session worked is there are 4 sessions. Each of us pitched an idea of why it would be good. Then we could ask questions to flesh out the ideas. Then at the end of the round we each must vote for an idea that is not our own. The idea with the most votes wins the round. Then we do the same thing for the final 4 ideas and a winning idea is selected!

I liked all of our ideas and would love to hear your feedback. Here are polls so you can vote on what you like

We really had a blast doing this so hopefully we will do it again soon. The beginning of the video google hangouts wasn’t switching off the way it should but hopefully you can listen to it just fine.

Anyway, let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Animation Pitch Session!

  1. This looks like fun! My choices for the four polls were:

    – Indiana Jones Animated Movie; it seems to me that Indiana Jones lives and dies by having Harrison Ford playing Indy properly. I know Disney wants to reboot the series with a younger actor, and part of me hopes that they succeedin that regard, but it’s uncertain how well that would work out. In the incredible Indiana Jones animated short, we have the sharp 2D style emulating the style of the old pulp magazines and willingness to go dark and gruesome just like the movies. You could still have Harrison Ford or a different voice actor who can emulate his voice well enough to keep to keep up that familiar Harrison spirit. On top of that, simply being an Indiana Jones movie would draw in crowds and it would also be a boon to traditional animation fanatics everywhere. Having said that, the other choices on the poll where great picks as well.

    – Alice in Wonderland TV Series; Disney have tried and failed TWICE in live action to reinvigorate Alice in Wonderland, and what we have feels about as far away from both the books and the animated classic as you can get. Whether it’s made by ABC or HBO, it should be visually distinctive while still having a solid footing in practical filmmaking, something that Guillermo Del Toro or Alfonso Cuaron could conjure up while still delivering on likeable or interesting characters. While not the most faithful adaptation, the Disney animated classic still captured the spirit of the books best and should be looked at as the template for such a show. I still think nobody has succeeded in making a truly great live action version of Alice. The other options on the poll are also amazing options.

    – Rumpelstilksen, this could make for a very fun and imaginative animated Disney film with a sly sense of humour, and certainly feels like something in modern Disney’s wheelhouse. Due to the effects heavy nature of the Harry Potter series, I do not see a Wizarding World Netflix series coming up any time soon, because Netflix is able to get a lot of mileage out of their shows because they make them within modest budgets, they aren’t as wealthy as HBO.

    – This was a random cast for me, I don’t actually know about “Wild Life on the Lose” or “Anne of Green Gables”, and a Wall-E Prequel does not interest me. I chose “Wild Life” just as a random pick, but wouldn’t mind it if the other ones actually got made.

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