Moana and Trolls Trailer Reviews

So today and yesterday we had 2 new trailers drop for Fall animated films, and I thought I would give you my quick thoughts. Let’s start with the trailer I’m most excited about for Disney’s Moana:

I personally don’t know how you walk away from this trailer and not be excited. Moana seems like a great well-rounded character. I love her character design and that she looks like a normal young lady. However, she is not the cliched warrior woman although clearly with that spear she can be fierce. I also love the way she stands up to Maui in the boat! The film looks like such an epic adventure with battles, sea travels, diving into the realm of monsters that all looked awesome.

It also looks very funny without being too modern and cheeky. The music sounds great. The visuals look breathtaking. I can’t wait!!!

On a less enthusiastic note. Let’s talk about the new Trolls trailer:

I’m not going to parse words I hate this trailer. I hate the way it is hiding behind the voice talent. I really don’t care who is voicing your characters. Don’t sell me on them. Sell me on the characters they are voicing. It shows a lack of confidence on your film if you are leaning so hard on the vocal talent.

I hate how much of the story it gives away. I hate how saccharine the story looks and it all feels so boring and bland. It’s not good when the main quote from your film is “this is a story about happiness”. How profound…

On the plus side, Trolls looks like it will entertain small children and the color palate is very appealing. The original song is catchy but the jukebox songs I’m not sold on.

I hate to say it but I’m getting Strange Magic vibes from this trailer…
I’m really bummed to because I really liked the 2nd trailer. Hopefully the movie will surprise me and be great like Kung fu Panda 3 or Lego Movie that also had trailers I hated.

What do you think of these trailers? Do they sell you on the films? Do you agree with my takes?

6 thoughts on “Moana and Trolls Trailer Reviews

  1. I already saw the Trolls trailer when I went to the cinema last weekend – it was painful. (The Storks trailer was on as well – it wasn’t much better.)

    I have to confess, I preferred the original teasers for Moana to the full trailer, which felt too much like DreamWorks with how it was laid out. The content itself looks good though, and I have faith in Disney with the run they’re currently on.

    1. I can see what you mean. I guess I’m already so sold it didnt bother me but I completely agree on Trolls and Storks trailers. Peeuw! 😝😝😝

  2. Can we all agree that despite how mediocre the new Trolls trailer was, it’s still a million times better than that early teaser? *cringe* :s

    1. Sometimes I like teasers better than trailers also so I can understand that. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts. For some reason just everything involved with Moana seems to work for me. I will be soooo disappointed if I dont like it. Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

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