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I rewatched the Little Prince since it is being released on Netflix this week. I chose it as my Family Movie Night pick even though I admire it more than I like it. I still think it is worth seeing. 

In my original review on my blog I said that I never felt emotionally engaged with the beginning hour of the Pilot telling stories. They didnt grasp me and I got kind of bored despite them being very pretty to look at. 

Then the story moves to an astroid where the little girl faces off with these businesses that are trying to erase childhood. I see why many dont like this but for me it worked. I’ve always had a soft spot or interest in movies about work. So to see this little girl be confronted with this dystopian version of adult work was great and it makes her realize what her mother is doing to her. Just like the businessmen she’s stealing her childhood. I liked that. 

However, I know I’m an outlier on this one. Most people seem to like the movie more than I do and like the first part best. What can I say? Sometimes that happens. It’s a good film in many ways so I can see why they love it but it’s not a favorite of mine. 

Still, like I said, worth a watch if you have Netflix. 

Overall Grade C+

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11 thoughts on “Watch “Family Movie Night: Little Prince” on YouTube

      1. Well, do. It is an all-time classic – in fact it is one of the most often sold book in the world which explains why so many people are so p… off about the third act. To be honest, it is a little bit like the movie taking a big dumb over it (and I was actually very forgiving towards the generic frame story they put around the meaty stuff, but having it intrude into this masterpiece was just one thing too much).

      2. I’m sorry it bothered you so much. I kind of liked having a little girl facing a world taken over by work. She sees what her Mother is doing to her life stealing her childhood. The beginning to me was kind of dull but again havent read the book

      3. Shrug. I thought the Little Prince part was boring so what do I know

      4. Yeah, read the book. they hacked the story to bits, but the few parts which were there, were so beautiful and spot on before the third act, it hurt to see what happened to it.

      5. Actually, I would go roughly for the same grade you did…as much as the third act angers me, the animation in the movie makes up for a lot, and I actually like the basic idea to put the Little Prince in contrast with a modern context. I just think that there is too much generic frame story, not enough Little prince and then the terrible third act, which pulls the movie down in mediocrity when it actually could have been a truly great, Pixar quality movie. And that’s what is so frustrating for me. What is there is worth one watch, I guess, it but could have been so much more.

      6. I guess we went different roads to the same destination. Ha. I’ll let you know if my opinion changes after reading the book.

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