Beauty and the Beast Teaser Trailer Response

So today the teaser trailer for Beauty and the Beast came out. My response- it’s fine. I have no problem with it and it looks intriguing. Even with Cinderella and Jungle Book being strong films I am still suspect of these live action remakes but everything I’m hearing about Beauty and the Beast is encouraging.  I’m looking forward to it and this trailer did nothing to damper that enthusiasm.

That said, I hate to be a cold blanket over everyone but the response to this teaser I do not get. Let’s look at it objectively.  We get an image of a castle,  some shots of the inside, we see beasts claws on a painting,  hear Lumiere and Cogsworth briefly talk, see a door being opened and a rose. Aside from the vocals it’s basically just a bunch of set shots.  We love the music but this movie could totally suck and it have all the elements of this teaser trailer. Lots of horrible movies have decent sets and music. I mean Maleficent had decent sets to look at and look what we got with that film…

I guess I don’t really get why people are so excited about this trailer? It’s fine. It basically announces the film and that’s what it is supposed to do. But on twitter and at they are really going nuts about it.  Some quotes:

“Oh my goodness, when they showed the ballroom with the beautiful prologue music playing I was welling up!”

“CRYING! Singing and crying…”

“This looks absolutely gorgeous. The music made me so nostalgic”

“Oh come on… I can’t be the only one who got chills and audibly squealed.”

Now I remind you Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney film. So why am I not so excited by the teaser (again I don’t hate the teaser. I’m just not crying with excitement)? Well, I’m not really sure.

When I think back to the Star Wars teaser when we first saw the Millennium Falcon and Harrison Ford said “Chewie, we’re home” and how thrilled I was. Why was I super excited?  Because Star Wars had been in my opinion nearly ruined by the prequels. I know many like those films, but I hated them and so I was anxious for Star Wars to be redeemed. I wanted some hint they were going to be doing it right.

I have no such need for Beauty and the Beast. It was done about as perfectly as you can do a film (there are no perfect movies). I want the movie to be good but I am not nearly as anxious for it save the franchise I love. How do you improve upon what was already perfect?  I had been waiting for a good Star Wars movie for 17 years. Disney, on the other hand, if they never made another live action remake I would have no problem with that.

Anyway, people will probably walk away from this wondering why Rachel can’t just have fun with the teaser. I did. It’s fine. I like it but again it’s a bunch of shots of the set with music. I don’t get all the jubilant response but if you loved it let me know why.

20 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast Teaser Trailer Response

  1. Haha…you had to be the “cold blanket”…lol. I get what your saying about everyone being “hype” about this teaser trailer (myself included) and that it really doesn’t show much. Still, just the snippets of the imagery, music, and voices did it for me. Also, I kind of new that they were going to do something likes this (as the movie is due out until March 2017). At least it wasn’t like the teaser trailer for the recent Cinderella movie, which I still love, that just showed the glass slipper.

    1. Yeah it was definitely better than the slipper teaser! Hahaha. I guess I should just let people have their fun. Maybe it just shows my lack of actual excitement over the project as a whole.

  2. Nice shout-out, lol!

    Yeah, I admired the visuals and the music, but hated Lumiere’s voice and Cogsworth just makes me think of Gandalf, lol!

    I too wasn’t “in love” with this trailer as others were and I think for me, it’s two reasons. One: I’m like you and not really into teaser trailers; I wish they didn’t exist and we’d just have full trailers only. And Two: I’m still against these live-action remakes in principle, so there still is a background dislike in my heart as I watch this, lol!

  3. Yeah, I totally agree. I had the same feeling with rogue one, why is Twitter so crazy about a two minute clip is some people walking, talking, fighting and some ATs. Ok those ATs look amazing but still it’s only a trailer. Same goes with Civil war and ghostbusters

  4. Another factor with the Star Wars teaser is that we didn’t know anything about the story, so the little hints – combining the familiar with the fresh – succeeded in leaving you hungry for more. Whereas with Beauty and the Beast, we already know the story and the characters: the teaser certainly wasn’t bad, but it could have afforded to give us more hints of something new or spectacular, to say why you should go and see this despite being familiar with the original.

    The one really good teaser I can think of is for Terminator 2, which showed a Terminator endoskeleton being constructed, then going into a machine and coming out as Arnold. And that was cool, because it showed you something different which you don’t see at all in the films.

    I have faith that this remake will be worth watching, but I certainly wouldn’t call it necessary. At least Cinderella and The Jungle Book expanded upon their sources and even changed some of the details a little for modern audiences; but Beauty and the Beast is a much more recent film, and as you say, what can be done differently when it’s practically perfect?

    1. You’re absolutely right about not telling us anything new. It’s basically an announcement of the movie which is fine but it doesn’t really excite me. Not sure why people are crying and such but there you go.
      Terminator 2 is a good one. The Jungle Book was better because the technology was new and that was exciting

  5. With the Force Awakens teasers, they had to prove to the audience that it was going to look like Star Wars again. No Jar-Jar, no weird shiny ships with no seams, the universe was heading back to its much-loved roots. The live-action Disney remakes have a different mission: to convince us that a world which previously could only exist in animation can now be rendered realistically enough for today’s hottest actors to wander through it.

    I honestly think that people are crying because of the music, and only because of the music. It’s hitting a part of their memory banks that reminds them what it’s like to be enchanted by a story. People want to go back to being swept up in a film about love and fantasy, and their hearts are bursting at the prospect of getting to see Beauty and the Beast (or at least a version of it) for the very first time once more.

  6. I liked the music and the look of the castle, I also like that the movie is months away and therefore we don’t know what the Beast or the enchanted objects look like. Not sold on Ewan McGregor as Lumiere though. The thing is, I’ve always liked how teaser trailers showed you just enough but not too much and I liked that this did that but I think maybe you and others are more jaded because in today’s day and age we hear so much about the movies before the first teaser so there’s not as much excitement. I remember before the internet, teaser trailers caused mass excitement because sometimes you didn’t even know that movie was coming out before the teaser, I know The Lost World teaser had that effect on me, all I needed was rain, a T-Rex roaring, and that ‘something has survived’ tagline and I got excited (it should also be noted I was a kid during all this, so trailers before movies where pretty much the only source of knowledge I got pre-internet.) But unfortunately nowadays you now the entire cast and half the plot of these movies before the first teaser so yeah, maybe it’s harder to get excited, especially since instead of getting to see them surprisingly thrown in front of a movie you can just watch ’em online (I actually miss going to a movie and getting surprised to see a new trailer before something.) So maybe in some ways I’m saying ‘Don’t hate the trailer, hate the current film climate?’ lol Also, yes, everyone could just be getting excited over what could be an awful movie, but you run that risk with every trailer if we’re being honest. Yes, we all lucked out with Force Awakens, but remember there were naysayers about that because there was always the thought of ‘well remember how excited the Episode I trailers made us?’ So I see your argument but I also see where others are excited and I’m kind of in the middle. This one sounds promising so I’m saving all my live-action remake wrath for the Cruella movie! lol

    1. Ha. I do appreciate what you are saying about a trailer that teases and doesnt show everything. I guess in this case I already know the story and so a bunch of set photos and music I already know doesnt do much for me. I liked it but it didnt make me emotional. We already have a great Beauty and the Beast where Star Wars we hadnt for a long time. Most people’s lifetimes. But yeah I guess I just prefer some in between. Show us a little bit but not too much.
      Don’t even get me started on Cruella remake…

  7. Beauty and the Beast is by far my favorite Disney movie, and I am extremely looking forward to this film! I am convinced this film will be a success, speaking that Cinderella was amazing, and Jungle Book was pretty good! I really liked the teaser trailer, but I know some people are not a huge fan of teasers trailers

    1. Oh it will definitely be a huge success. I think it will make a billion dollars

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