Health Update and Walt Disney Films Tag

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you an update on my health and do a little tag. I just posted this week my 20th Disney Canon review on my youtube channel. This means I have finished the movies of Walt Disney’s lifetime. So I have come up with a little tag based on these 20 films.

I would love for any of you to give your answers. Put it in a post or just put in the comments section.

1. Favorite Fantasia short?
2. Favorite Disney short? (if seen Wartime films pick one of them if not another fav)
3. Lady Tremain/Cruella/Maleficent or Evil Queen better she villain?
4. Disney film you loved as child that doesn’t hold up well?
5. Disney film you didn’t love as a child but like as adult?
6. Cinderella, Aurora or Snow White?
7. Favorite Alice in Wonderland character?
8. What do you prefer Dumbo or Bambi?
9. Rank live action remakes- 101, Alice, Jungle Book, Maleficent, Cinderella
10. 101 Dalmatians, Aristocats, or Lady and the Tramp?
11. Of all the shorts which do you think would make the best feature film?
12. Favorite and Least favorite of first 20 Disney films?
13. Thoughts on Walt Disney?
14. Out of first 20 reviews what film have you not seen that you want to see? Or what review did you learn something new/see it in a new way?
15. Coachman/Stromboli/Monstro/Honest Fox- best Pinocchio villain?

Thank you for all the kind words and prayers in my behalf.It has been one of the worst illnesses of my life, but I am on the other side of it and improving. I am so grateful for all the support from all of you and the incredible kindness of my boss and coworkers.I am allowed to recover and get better. Hopefully it will keep improving through the weekend.
I hope you all have good health and avoid this nasty bronchitis that I got. Sure love ya!

5 thoughts on “Health Update and Walt Disney Films Tag

  1. Hope you get even more better!

    1) Sorcerer’s Apprentice
    2) Wow, that’s hard. Probably Chicken Little.
    3) Another hard one, maybe Evil Queen?
    4) Peter Pan, although “loved” might have been a strong word to use
    5) From Walt’s films? None. But, if we’re including others, then Tarzan
    6) Cinderella, unless we’re talking about looks, then Aurora
    7) Super hard…Mad Hatter? No, Cheshire Cat. No, the Card Soldiers. So hard.
    8) Dumbo
    9) Cinderella, Maleficent, Alice. I haven’t seen the other 2.
    10) 101 Dalmatians
    11) The Wind in the Willows
    12) Fave: Alice in Wonderland. Least: Fantasia
    13) Awesome man whom I wish I could have met
    14) Haven’t watched all your reviews, so can’t say.
    15) Coachman

    1. Thanks so much. I think I will continue to improve. I like your choice of Chicken Little. The short really did have potential and I can see why they picked it for a feature film. I wish I could have met Walt too.

  2. 1. From the original one, Night on bald mountain…in general, Rhapsody in Blue and Destino stand side by side with it (as you should known from my article).
    2. I go with the one I think I watched the most often in my life: Mickey’s trailer. But there are so many good ones…
    3. There is no Disney villain better than Maleficent!
    4. I have gotten a little more critical of some of them, like Aristocats and Peter Pan, but I still love them all the same.
    5. I have developed more appreciation for Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio, but I still don’t love those movies.
    6. Cinderella
    7. The caterpillar
    8. Dumbo, by far, though Bambi is artistically more interesting.
    9. Hate them all (though I haven’t seen Jungle book yet), but Maleficent the most. The others at least don’t do any damage.
    10. Lady and the Tramp
    11. None of them, there is a reason they are shorts.
    12. Favourite: Sleeping Beauty (what else?) Least Favourite…the Package movies. Still don’t think that they are movies.
    13. I wish he were still alive today, leading the company.
    14. I have seen everything.
    15. The Coachman is the most terrifying of them all.

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