8 thoughts on “Opinion Battles Round 9 Favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe Character?

    1. I swear everyone on youtube and blogging seems to have seen it. So jealous!

  1. I have seen it last Wednesday….

    Basically the Captain America team are my favs…Cap, Natasha, Bucky, Sam, I could spend ages with those characters.

    1. Everyone has seen it! Those are great characters. Cap and Thor are probably tied for my favorite but I figured everyone would go with Cap since the new movie is coming out.

      1. Nah, I am all over Cap since The First Avenger…it is just so refreshing to get a hero who is serious and good, instead of an irresponsible man-child with daddy issues.

      2. Very true and not all dark and brooding like they made Superman. So you liked Civil War then?

      3. Yep. Not as much as GotG and The Winter Soldier, but I might change my mind about that one, too. It’s a great movie!

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