Watch the Movie: Adaptations, Remakes and Reboots that Work

This is kind of a fun post I did on my other blog in 2014 about my favorite adaptations, remakes and reboots.

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2fe22bd348dbc1ca7c22620320de-is-a-good-book-better-than-a-good-moviebut maybe not always…

So you often hear the adage ‘the book is better’ in regards to a movie or TV show based on a popular novel.  However, there are some rare exceptions where the film actually improves upon the original source material.

For example, most people I know feel the Godfather movies are better than the book.  I have never read the book so I can’t say one way or another but I’ve never heard anyone argue for the book over the movie.

When I mentioned this topic on facebook a lot of people said comic book movies such as Man of Steel and Thor are better than the comic books.  Unfortunately I have never read a comic book.  I know.  I should be ashamed of myself but it’s true.

So here goes…

1. Batman Begins- I haven’t read the comic books but after the annihilation of Batman and…

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