Finding Dory Trailer Review

So we got our first full trailer for Finding Dory today.

I must own I thought the trailer was just ok. I like that girl shark they show.  She looks fun and the visuals of the ocean look amazing.  I can’t wait to see that!  But the story does concern me a bit.  Pixar has always had a philosophy of never repeating the original film with their sequels.  So far I’m just not seeing what is going to make Finding Dory unique. That concerns me a bit.

What was so great about Finding Nemo is how surprising it was.  Things like the AA sharks are hilarious.  I still laugh at those scenes.  Plus, the dual plotlines of Nemo in the dentist office and Merlin looking for his son were delightful.  The ocean was beautifully portrayed and I loved all of the tense, emotional and funny moments.  The seagulls- hilarious!

It makes me wonder- how is Finding Dory going to surprise me? As much as people hate Cars 2 I’d rather watch that then a warmed over Cars duplicate.  At least they were trying something new and different.  I enjoyed it with its flaws.  I hope they surprise me and try something new.

But it should also be noted that Pixar isn’t always great with their trailers for some reason.  This one had things I liked and am looking forward to but it didn’t wow me.

What about you? What’d you think of the trailer?

5 thoughts on “Finding Dory Trailer Review

  1. Yeah, it was ok. I too am worried about the film as it seems something mediocre and nothing unique, as you say. I’m not in love w/any of the new characters or the animation. It’s just a smorgasbord of okay-ness.

    1. I like that shark and the animation I think looks beautiful but I’m a sucker for the ocean. 🙂

  2. It looks cute – the bit with the whale (shark?) made me laugh. I feel like I want to see this one in 3D for all of that ocean gorgeousness. But I agree with you, I don’t see anything that makes the plot any different from the first one. Hopefully they’ll surprise us.

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