February Youtube Videos

There are a few videos I haven’t shared with you guys from my youtube channel that I thought you might like.  I’ve been working really hard to improve the quality of my videos and get one posted every day. Some stuff I post simultaneously on this blog and on the channel.

Other things I stagger and other things I post on one or the other. I’ve been doing some really fun stuff on the channel including my weekly Disney Canon  Project, Family Movie Night and Obscure Animation Monthly pick.  There are other videos but I don’t want to push  my luck. Subscribe to the channel and you will get alerts on the daily posts.

Some of my Disney Canon Project reviews are different than my blog reviews. Things can feel different on a rewatch and with my blog reviews I was grading based on Disney films not on films at large.  You will find that in general I am a bit more generous in the video grades than on the blog for that very reason.  At the end of the day, it’s still Disney animation and there is almost always something to entertain me even in flawed films.

I don’t expect you to watch all of these but if any of them look interesting give them a watch.  I’d be so grateful and if you feel so inclined give them a thumbs up.

Also if you have any suggestions for Obscure Animation or Family Movie Night please put them in the comments section.  For March we are watching Transformers: The Movie for our Obscure Animation.  Admittedly this is more under-appreciated than obscure but I think it still fits.  I would love any feedback or comments you can give. Thanks!

Obscure Animation

Family Movie Night Picks

Disney Canon Project

Movies I Saw in February




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