Finest Hours Review

I only have a few minutes because I am so exhausted but I saw Disney’s new live action offering The Finest Hours tonight and it is fine (forgive the pun).  It’s not terrible but not great.  The casting is mostly good except the girlfriend played by Holiday Grainger annoyed me.  Chris Pine and Casey Affleck are very good. Some of the special effects work.  Others you can see the green screen and look very cheesy.  It’s a sappy inspirational true story.  If you like that kind of thing you will enjoy the movie.

Here is my youtube review.

I think kids will be kind of bored and there are some definite tense moments that might be overwhelming for them.  Otherwise if you’ve got a free evening you could do worse.  Again, not great, not terrible.  Right in the middle.

This means it gets an

Overall Grade- C+

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    1. I know what you mean. It’s one I can see tearing apart. It all comes down to your tolerance for cheese both in story and special effects but I’m sucker for these kind of inspirational true story movies. If you have a free evening could do worse

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