The Tale of 3 Terrible Trailers

After an epic day yesterday I wasn’t going to post today but we got a new trailer from Dreamworks and I couldn’t hold back my feelings.  Dreamworks released their trailer for the Fall release of Trolls and what a stinker of a trailer it is!  Don’t get me wrong, the movie could somehow be good (I didn’t like Peanuts or Lego trailers and loved those films) but everything from the dancing, to character design to everything looks awful.

It’s extremely frustrating when I know Dreamworks can produce quality work (seeing Kung fu Panda 3 tonight which has great buzz so I’m excited!).  The Panda and Dragon films are quality franchises and they’ve made amazing stand-alone films like Rise of the Guardians, Prince of Egypt, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron.  Even Mr Peabody and Sherman I really enjoyed but then they squander all that talent on twerking dolls and annoying alien movies.  Why Dreamworks?  Why?

Unfortunately that wasn’t the only terrible trailer to come out for 2016 animated film.

We got a new Angry Birds trailer this week and it looks awful too.  I actually thought the teaser looked ok, better than expected, but this longer trailer looks at best on a Rio level of quality.  The battle between the pigs and the birds just doesn’t look good to me!

And then we got a Secret Life of Pets trailer and it was also very disappointing.  I was actually impressed with the teaser trailer enough to put it on my anticipated of the year.  Boy is that out the window with this new trailer.  I was so deflated to see Kevin Hart is the lead of the story and it is about organizing pets in some kind of rebellion.  That is such a tired concept and I am so sick of Kevin Hart.

So, needless to say my anticipation level for 2016 animation just sunk a little lower.  It could be a rough year folks!  At least we have Zootopia, Moana, Finding  Dory and Kubo and the Two Strings to look forward too.

And as I said there are bad trailers for good movies so we will see!

Am I being too tough on these 3 trailers?  What did you think?

Here is my youtube review of these trailers:

15 thoughts on “The Tale of 3 Terrible Trailers

  1. *sigh* I just was very optimistic concerning this year of animation after seeing the trailer for Kubo…but this…this…urgh!!!! STOP WITH THE POTTY HUMOR! Our children deserve better than that.

      1. Oh it’s a dance trend that was really more of a 2014 thing but of course we are seeing in 2016 animated films. In Norm of the North he does the Polar Bear twerk. It was in Nut Job, Home, Strange Magic, Hotel Transylvania 2 and now Trolls (to name a few)…

        Twerk- to dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.

  2. Yeah, the Trolls trailer was just…bad and this looks like a movie that I’m not gonna like.

    I actually didn’t mind the Angry Birds Movie trailer. It looks like a movie that I could enjoy, but definitely not award-worthy.

    And that Pets trailer was just awful! Unlike you, I wasn’t interested in this movie from the get-go! It sounded like you were surprised to know that Kevin Hart was the lead voice and that it would be about a pet rebellion of sorts. Did you not know all that before this trailer?

    I really can’t wait to see a trailer or something from Sing! That’s the Illumination Entertainment film I want!

    1. I didnt know that about Pets. I had only seen the teaser which showed them just around the house so didnt know plot or lead character. I thought it was a cute teaser but the movie looks awful.
      Angry Birds teaser I thought looked like it could be funny but this recent one looked very tired to me but we will see. Hopefully it will be at least moderately entertaining. I still think it was a sucky trailer.

      And I agree on Trolls. What can they be thinking? Sigh…

  3. Trolls……… I was hoping for the monster to eat them in the trailer. There is little to no expectations on this film in my eyes.

    It is never a good idea to make a movie from a fad of a video game, but the trailer was as decent as I would have expected.

    I can barely handle Kevin Hart in his human form, so seeing him as a main character of an animated film is horrifying.

    Congrats on making it to by the way.

    1. I agree. I may start trolling about trolls! I had no expectations about trolls but this trailer was such a stinker. Maybe they can fix it? But probably not knowing Dreamworks.

      Anyway, thanks concerning Rotoscopers. I couldn’t be more excited to be on board

  4. While all of these trailers are terrible, there is a chance that they could still be good films. How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Big Hero 6 had terrible trailers and they still turned out to be good.

    1. Agreed. Like I said in the post I wasn’t a fan of Peanuts Movie or Lego trailers and loved those films so it is just a trailer.

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