Zootopia Full Trailer Review

We all had a fun surprise this morning with the first longer Zootopia trailer released!  I haven’t been 100% on board with this film but I am now.  I loved this trailer!  I love the story it appears we are getting with Judy Hobbs being the lead character.  She is trying to prove her worth to the police force by solving a case in 48 hours.  That sounds great! It looks like it is not just going to be a comedic movie but have real heart too.

Here is my review of the trailer

The actual trailer

What do you think?  I’m so excited to see the film.  It looks creative, fun and different film from Disney.  Let’s hope so at least!

10 thoughts on “Zootopia Full Trailer Review

    1. It really does. I actually liked the naturalist joke better than the sloth one but we’ll see how it is executed. My favorite was the Godfather joke!

    1. Ha. Probably only time this year I have! Got to be on top of Disney and I agree. It looks like a really fun film

  1. I just saw this trailer right before going to bed last night too. I will say I was blown away too. Yeah, the first couple teasers have seemed to make it have a Chicken Little feel too. Still, since Chicken Little was made under Michael Eisner’s leadership, while this one is being made under the leadership of John Lasseter, I will say that I believed that this film would be better than Chicken Little, even if it does look like there might be too many characters. Anyway, glad to know that you’re officially on board with Zootopia now.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I think it looks absolutely fabulous! I have a feeling Judy will be a really great character. Not quite sold on the Fox guy yet.

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