2015 vs 2014 Better Animation Year?

So I’ve been thinking about the year in animation to get ready for my video I am doing with Art from A to Z Reviews today.  I’ve really enjoyed the year but I keep thinking about last year.  Is 2014 better than 2015 for animation?  There can be cases made for both years.

Take a look at these vs images comparing the two years and then vote at the end which year you think was strongest.

Big Studio Films

big studios vs

Bad Movies in 2014 vs 2015

bad vsWhich year has the best of the best movies?

best of year vsThe biggest box office for 2014 vs 2015?

box office vsThe independent films of 2015 vs 2014:

artistic vsThe original films of 2014 vs 2015

original ideas vsWhich had better comedies? I’m torn because I like all 4

comedies vsBest sequels?

sequels vs2

This should be very interesting.  I think 2014 in the end was stronger just because you had so many top notch movies Lego Movie, Tale of Princess Kaguya, Song of the Sea, Book of Life, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Big Hero 6 and The Boxtrolls were all excellent.  And then even the middle tier stuff wasn’t half bad.  I think Inside Out is amazing better than all but Song of the Sea from 2014 but put that aside and it becomes more clear 2014 was best.

16 thoughts on “2015 vs 2014 Better Animation Year?

  1. 2014…while there was no movie in 2014 which blow me away the way a lot of movies in 2012 did, I could have easily filled the academy award spots. This year…ew…no good movie from DreamWorks, no movie at all from Disney, at least Pixar delivered ONE good movie. ONE!!!!.

      1. I don’t HATE it…I haven’t watched it yet because I disliked the art work. Honestly, it has been a long time that I was that put off by a movie by just seeing the designs. Who knows, I might like it if I actually see it, but I don’t need to see it to gauge that it doesn’t resonate with the audience.

      2. The art work is what most people like. It’s beautiful. Oh well. I loved it. 🙂

      3. I guess that may bother some but not me or most people I knew. Some had issues with the story but especially in 3D the visuals were incredible and character design I thought worked. I guess see it before making up your mind.

      4. Oh, I am sure I will see it sooner or later…I am not in the mood for another movie in which a dinosaur tries to reach some place. This story has been told again and again since Land Before time, and NONE of them did it ever half as well.

      5. Fair enough. I havent seen that many Dino movies. Anyway I’d agree 2014 was better but I’m not as down on 2015 as you are. For me Peanuts Movie, Inside Out, When Marnie was There, Shaun the Sheep and Good Dinosaur were all excellent. You going to see Anomalisa? I’m not sure but it looks great visually. Anyway on to 2016!

    1. I personally think Peanuts Movie is better than Lego, Big Hero 6 and Dragon 2. I loved Peanuts. Good Dinosaur wasnt but I still loved it and found it old fashioned and beautiful. But I’d still give 2014 the edge because of Kaguya, Song of the Sea and more. I’d also say the 2014 comedies (Mr Peabody and Penguins) were better than 2015 (Minions and Hotel Transylvania 2). Oh well at least we are getting so many films to experience each year.

      1. I thought Inside Out was close to Song of the Sea. I loved Peanuts Movie. You really arent fans of many franchises it seems like. It was such a sweet, beautiful looking film I thought

  2. Interesting review! Such a diverse range of films that 2014 and 2015 had. I agree with you though, 2014 was better but I think Inside Out was the real knockout star.

  3. I would pick 2015 almost solely because of Inside Out. Honestly one of my favorite animated movies of all time. And there was some decent stuff in 2014 (granted I haven’t seen all of them) but nothing that blew me away. Lego Movie was probably my favorite.

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