Creed and Good Dinosaur Youtube Reviews

So I promise I will have long blog reviews of Creed, Good Dinosaur and Sanjay’s Super Team this week but for now here are my youtube reviews.  I loved all 3!

I’m traveling tomorrow to my parents in California but will do best I can to get them up soon.  Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Creed and Good Dinosaur Youtube Reviews

  1. If I don’t see Good Dinosaur this weekend, I’ll likely see it next weekend and let you know what I thought of it. I doubt I’ll like it better than Inside Out, but you never know. I’ve been surprised before. Just curious, did I ever mention that I had an experience regarding this with Emperor’s New Groove and Atlantis: The Lost Empire? If not, I’ll go ahead and tell you that story. Well, after seeing an actual trailer for Atlantis on films like The Kid, Dinosaur, and a couple to few other Disney films on video, I was not nearly as excited for it as I had for other Disney films prior to it. But of course I saw it anyway since I’ve tried to make it a goal to see at least every animated Disney film ever made this far (even though I still have yet to see at least the six package films). Anyway, because of that, I was expecting that I would end up liking Emperor’s New Groove better than Atlantis. However, after seeing Atlantis when it first came out to theaters, I surprisingly liked it better than Emperor’s New Groove (which I doubt many others, who saw both films, would say the same). Anyway, my point is that I will definitely go into Good Dinosaur with an open mind and see which one I will like better even though they’re both completely different films. Anyway, great review once again!

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  2. Yay! I really enjoy your exuberance for The Good Dinosaur. It was so captivating. The narrative seems simple, but the more I thought about what I saw, the more it stayed with me. People always have a desire to rank things. It’s not really fair to compare this to Inside Out. A film about emotions is a totally different undertaking than one about fear/family/friendship/etc.. What they did with The Good Dinosaur, they did really well. I loved it. 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad! You are absolutely right about ranking things. Why can’t we just be grateful for both instead of wondering which is better?

      It’s funny because the plot structure is a familiar journey home but what they do with it is very creative. I thought it was so moving the scene with the sticks about family. I also loved Spot as a character.

      I hope it does well and Pixar is encouraged to do films like this instead of only sequels. Inside Out was amazing but I like this too.


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