ABC’s “The Muppets” is More Like the Original than You Think

This is a great history of the Muppets and a review of the new show. I really liked the new show but can see why others don’t who see Muppets as Sesame Street kids fair. The truth is even the Sesame Street characters in Follow that Bird are pretty grown up. But I thought the jokes really worked and it made me laugh, which is how I judge a comedy.

Duane S. Montague

The Muppets

Last week, ABC premiered a new show which was the highest-rated new comedy of the year.  Called The Muppets, it was a brand-new take on the classic characters created in the 1970’s by Jim Henson, who got his start in creating puppet-based sketches for adult television, broke into children’s entertainment with “Sesame Street,” and went on to create such grown up fantasies as The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

The show was a pretty big success for launching a new series, had a huge amount of buzz going into it, and was promptly boycotted by certain family groups for being inappropriate, taking beloved children’s characters and turn them into adults with more grown up humor and a few bad words.  (To be clear, The Muppets isn’t meant for the same audience that watches Sesame Street.)

What’s intersting is this: Jim Henson never wanted The Muppets to be children’s characters…

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