Walt Disney 4 Hour Biography on PBS

Hey I won’t have time to review the new PBS documentary about Walt Disney but check out my blogging friend Natalie’s review. It was well done and pretty safe. I kind of wish we had heard more from the Disney family but it was still interesting. Most of it was review for me but for the average person you will learn a lot and enjoy it.

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak


Sometimes I think about how Disney all started by a man and a mouse. I didn’t know much about Walt Disney, but now I do. I watched a four hour biography of the man on PBS which premiered Monday and Tuesday at nine. It had two parts and was very long! I watched most of it in one sitting, and I learned lots of things about him! It was very interesting, and I really enjoyed it!

I learned that he was always in a rush to get things done, and that is why there were a lot of disasters when Disneyland opened on 1955. I also learned that he could be an amazing and very kind friend, but if you crossed him, he would be mean. There is a lot of more facts about him, but those were just some! I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t watched…

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