Did the Right Film Win? 2007 Animated Oscars

Hi guys!  Happy labor day weekend!  I’ve been having a lot of fun with my sister in town, but I was able to rewatch Persepolis and watch Surf’s Up for the first time.   I just posted my video on the 2007 Oscars and I think all 3 films are very creative.

Ratatouille and Persepolis both made my Top 50 Animated Films Countdown and my Most Artistic Animated Films, so clearly I like both of them a lot.  It’s tough to pick which one deserved to win because they are both so different and I appreciate them for different things.  I went with Ratatouille because I love the ending so much but I can totally see going with Persepolis as well.  It’s a fantastic film that helped introduce many to a whole new ‘adult’ side of animation.

As I said, I had never seen Surf’s Up and I really liked it!  It’s very creative with the way it applies a documentary approach to an animated film.  The humor works.  The ocean and surfing scenes look gorgeous and I liked the message about winning and competition.  It’s a very strong film.

So, all 3 are great but in the end I think the right film won.  What about you?  Which would you pick?

One thought on “Did the Right Film Win? 2007 Animated Oscars

  1. I still have yet to see Persepolis. So I can’t have a say on that one yet. I actually might agree with Ratatouille winning for some of the same reasons as you, including the part about the speech at the end. Also, I thought it was overall a lot of fun as well. I just saw Surf’s Up for the first time a couple weeks ago as well. I probably wouldn’t have picked that one to win. Still, with the creative storyline and things like that that were in the film, I wouldn’t have had any issues with it winning Best Animated Feature. Well, the only thing I would have a nit pick about is the part about how everyone thinks Z is dead since be disappeared and things like that. If I’m not mistaken, that has probably happens in quite a few other films in the past. Aside from that, I definitely enjoyed it overall. I thought the chicken was cool, along with the main character, Z, you name it. Oh, and forgive me if I sound sick for saying this, but ask thought the female penguin character was pretty as well. Anyway, great review once again. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on future episodes.

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