War Room and Walk in the Woods Reviews

So my sister is in town so a little tight on time.  Just doing 2 video reviews this week instead of written and video.  I promise this will be the exception rather than the rule.  This week I saw the Christian film War Room and the old people buddy movie Walk in the Woods.

Basically War Room is only for believers.  I liked it didn’t atheist shame and until the end kept the issues small, every day problems.  I also liked the concept of the War Room and am already thinking about applying it in my life.  That said, aside from the lead performance the acting was weak particularly the child actors who I think were only gotten for their jump roping skills.  It is also way too long and it kind of treats faith and prayer like a super power which I had issues with.  Still, I’m glad I saw it.

Walk in the Woods is based on the Bill Bryson memoir, which I have read.  It keeps the saucy nature of the book and I think that will turn off some viewers who are expecting a pure feel-good film.  It also has a lot of sitcomy moments some won’t like but I enjoyed it.  It’s the kind of charming movie about friendship and pushing yourself I’m a pushover for.

I did forget to mention in the review that Emma Thompson is great in her scenes but Mary Steenburgen is completely wasted in a part that did not need an Oscar winning actress to fill.  But the movie looks beautiful and I liked the 2 leads.  Like I said, in the end I was charmed by it.

10 thoughts on “War Room and Walk in the Woods Reviews

  1. I’m planning on seeing War Room this Monday. Glad to hear that you liked it. I’ll let you know what I think too. Just curious, did you like it better than say Facing The Giants, Fireproof, God’s Not Dead, Do You Believe, or Courageous? Oh, and did you see the trailer for the new Hillsong movie on this film?

    1. I did see the trailer to Hillsong. I’m not very familiar with their music but it looks like a good documentary. If it is playing by me I will check it out.

      As far as it compared to those other Christian films I think Do You Believe was a little bit better just because the acting was overall better but I liked War Room felt smaller, just everyday life problems and faith.

      God’s Not Dead is probably a worse film but because I related to it so strongly I probably prefer it to War Room. If I was married I would probably like War Room better.

      I actually haven’t seen those other Christian films but they are on my list.

      It’s not a perfect movie but I felt inspired after seeing it so I guess it did its job! 🙂 Will look forward to hearing your response.

      1. You should. They’re worth seeing. Anyway, looking forward to War Room. Also, hope that Hillsong documentary comes to a theater near your home because they definitely are a great band. Well, on to War Room later this weekend, eh? Anyway, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. So, I saw this film yesterday afternoon and I will say that I loved it a lot. I especially liked how Clara was really passionate about God and how Elizabeth and Ronh both became followers of God as well. Oh, and I liked how Tony’s former boss gave him grace by not having him prosecuted, you know? Anyway, glad you saw this and reviewed it as well?

    1. It was very inspiring. I really liked the idea of the war room. It makes me think how I can find a quiet place to pray

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