Pez movie announced

These people are going to make me hate Lego Movie. Pez movie? They don’t even have legs. At least legos have legs and arms. Sigh…

The Animation Curation

If you have been alive for the past 50 years or so, you know what a Pez dispenser is. You know, one of those plastic things with popular characters’ faces on them filled with candy. Also, the candy itself tastes really good, containing a unique flavor. And guess what? An animated Pez movie is in production. It’s still in the very ear;y stages, so there is no release date.

“We’ve created a world unique to Pez and a story that will touch the hearts of many,” said EMA CEO and founder Lee Nelson, who is behind production of the film. Try to imagine a unique Pez world.

pez random Almost every franchise seems to have a Pez dispenser tie-in. Here we have Dreamworks’ “Monsters vs. Aliens.”

There are a few questions I must address. What Pez dispensers will be used in the film? Will they be licensed or unlicensed characters? After all…

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7 thoughts on “Pez movie announced

    1. We don’t. It’s true. Honestly I was skeptical about Lego Movie but loved it; however these movies feel like bandwagon concepts and usually those are super lame. (Think like Quest for Camelot or Shark Tale trying to copy others success). We will see.

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  1. Is this really true? I am not trying to be negative, but that looks like the dumbest film ever! Oh my word! I am probably going to start laughing!

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    1. It’s really true. You have to either laugh or cry. I literally think if they made a movie about my keychain collection that would be a better idea than Pez. They don’t have legs or arms! I mean legos at least have that going for it. Plus an entire world to build things out of. Sigh…

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