What if Disney Villains had Kids: My Descendants Movie Review

I definitely want to watch this show but in the meantime will share with you Natalie’s thoughts on the new Disney Channel movie Descendants. Looks like a great show!

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak

Hello, Disney lovers! Have you ever wonder what it would be like if Disney villains had kids? On Friday, Disney Channel    premiered their newest Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants, and I have decided to write a movie review for the film:


The Disney villains have been on Isle of the Lost for 20 years ever since Belle and her prince got married. Their son Ben(Mitchell Hope) is about to be crowned king, and he wants some of the Disney villain’s children go be given a chance, and go to the Kingdom, and go to royal school. Mal,(Dove Cameron) daughter of Malfiecent, Evie,(Sofia Carson) daughter of Evil Queen, Jay (Booboo Strewart) son of Jafar and Carols,(Cameron Boyce) son of Cruella di Vil, go to the kingdom to get the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand, so their parents  can finally rule the Kingdom. This is their only chance to prove to their parents…

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