Teaser Trailer For ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Released!

Trailer for Good Dinosaur came out and as my opinion is the same as frequent commenter Mark I figured I’d just share his post. I’m really excited! I think it looks different than anything Pixar has done before and an interesting mixture of realism and the kind of visuals we got in the first Ice Age movies. It looks exciting and certainly far removed from the Disney turkey Dinosaur. It’s hard to tell a ton from a teaser but it has successfully teased me. Wahoo!

The Animation Commendation

We FINALLY have our first trailer (albeit, a teaser) for The Good Dinosaur, the Pixar film that asks, “What would have happened if the asteroid didn’t destroy the dinosaurs?”.

Ok, I am SOOOOO EXCITED about this movie now! I wasn’t all that interested before, but now that I’ve seen a trailer, I can’t wait for November 25th! I love the realistic animation from the asteroids to the dinosaurs (the silhouettes in the beginning)! I love how there seems to be an adventurous/dramatic element to the film rather than just comedic!

What do you all think of the trailer? Excited for the film?

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