Disneynature 4: Oceans

OCEANS, from top: bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales, sea nettles, great white shark, 2009. ©Disneynature

Everyone knows how much I love the ocean and being in the water. In fact, I just got home from my first open water swim of the season. Burr! It was cold! I wish I was close to ocean but I have to satisfy myself with lakes, reservoirs and rivers. But I dream of the ocean. I live for the ocean and miss it when I am far away. So naturally I enjoyed Disneynature’s film Oceans.

Oceans is similar to their Earth film and more of a traditional nature documentary.  Unlike Monkey Kingdom there is no attempt to tell a story or give characters names.  It isn’t even like the Crimson Wing which doesn’t have characters with names but refers to the flamingos and their hunters in fairytale terms (princess, witches, wizards etc).  Oceans doesn’t do any of that.  It is a pretty straight forward nature documentary that tries to teach children the value of nature and what we can do to care for the earth better.

The strength of Oceans is its amazing images. The beauty of nature is breathtaking and it has enough animals from different parts of the world that I never got bored.
We get to learn about”



oceans8 oceans3Sea Otters-

oceans4Adorable Penguins (seriously who doesn’t find penguins cute and if you are out there- what’s wrong with you!).




oceans10Other Fish

oceans5If those images don’t excite you than Oceans is probably not the movie for you.  The gorgeous cinematography is most of the appeal and I enjoyed learning about all of these amazing creatures and the environmentalist message isn’t too heavy handed.  Jaques Perrin and Jacquez Cluzaud direct and it covers 5 oceans beautifully in 50 different locations!.

Pierce Brosnan narrates but like I said it is minimal and he does a fine job.  The music by Bruno Coulais is excellent.  He scored the music for The Secret of the Kells which makes sense.  Both scores have great drama and impact.  Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas have a duet at the end which is about as good as you can imagine a duet by them would be.

The trailer will give you a feel for the movie.

There isn’t much else to say about Oceans.  It is a standard style of nature documentary with gorgeous cinematography, music and a good message.  Lovers of the ocean like myself will especially love it.

Overall Grade- B+   I need to get to the ocean!

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