New Project Poll Results

Last week I set up a poll asking you my readers to vote for the next series of reviews you would like me to do.  Thank you to all who voted and I must say the responses surprised me a little bit.


The top 5 are

5.  with 5% of vote- The Best of Simpsons Series

4. with 5.75% of vote- Studio Ghibli Series

3. with 8.05% of vote- Hitchcock Series

2. with 10.34% of vote- Disney Nature Documentary Series

and the clear winner

1. with 18.39% of vote- Pixar Films and Shorts Series

Any surprises for you?  I’m not surprised by Pixar winning especially with Inside Out coming out in June.  But I was surprised with Disney Nature getting the second spot.  I think it should be pretty easy for me to do both as there are only 14 Pixar films and 8 Disney nature and it will be perfect as both have releases in the next 2 months. I’m excited!

I’m not sure how to structure the Pixar reviews because I am a huge fangirl.  Honestly I would give all but 3 an A. How interesting is that to read about me gush about movie after movie?  If you guys have any guidance or suggestions about how I could make them interesting I would love to hear.

So Pixar and Disney Nature it is.  Thanks again and I look forward to some fun blogging in the future. disney nature


22 thoughts on “New Project Poll Results

    1. I’ve only seen the Oceans one so it should be fun to see something new and review something that isn’t on everyone’s blogs. Aren’t you surprised it was picked?

      1. How do you know if you haven’t seen them? In the Oceans they tell a bunch of little stories of the animals and I think that’s what they do in the others like the new Chimpanzee movie is about a family of chimps that have to relocate so there is a narrative. That to me is better than a traditional educational documentary.
        But I’ll try to make the reviews fun for you to read as I can. Kind of fun to review something new along with something I love

      2. I was just saying they do try and tell a story, a narrative not just a boring documentary you might see on the nature channel.

  1. Interesting results! I’ll be looking forward to it. Personally I like to read positive reviews so the Pixar issue won’t bother me – I’d look forward to seeing what exactly you love and details like that. And I don’t think I’ve seen any Disney Nature films so I look forward to your thoughts!

    1. I did too! Very surprised but delighted. I’ll get to Dreamworks eventually but watching all 4 Shrek movies is not something I look forward too so I’m glad I can put it off a little bit longer.

      My first few posts will be on Pixar shorts until we get up to Toy Story. I dont think many blogs review the shorts so hopefully I can separate myself a little with that. I’m also thinking of a new scale because most of them I’d give a A too so might come up with something just to compare Pixar with other Pixar

    1. 34. No problem. I’m not someone who is embarrassed by my age although it does make me wonder where the time has gone? 😉

      1. That’s ok we can still be friends ;). Happy 27. Was a great year for me. Soak it all in

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