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It’s now April and since I finished watching the Oscar films, Scrooge Month series in December and my Disney Canon reviews in the Fall, I’ve been contemplating my next project.  It doesn’t look like there will be that many movies in April I want to see and aside from a certain comic book movie in May I don’t know how many reviews I will get then either.   So a new project seems like a good idea.

I am curious for your feedback.  I have had a few ideas that might be fun but would like to know what you would like to see me pontificate on.  Please select your top 3 choices out of the list below or add your own idea and I will consider it.

Thanks in advance for help and for reading my silly posts. I really appreciate every comment even if we disagree.  Sometimes I might get a little passionate about a film I love but it is all in good fun.  I hope you know that.

Look forward to seeing what people are in the mood for.

7 thoughts on “Next Project

  1. Just so you know, I put Warner Bros. Animation mainly so you could review Quest For Camelot, Iron Giant, and maybe other stuff like that. Feel free to shoot me in the head if you want. Kidding!

    1. Ha. I LOVE Iron Giant! Warner Brothers also did Corpse Bride which is a favorite of mine so not a bad suggestion. I thought maybe the person who made that suggestion wanted me to review the Looney Tunes which would actually be awesome. I have the ultimate collection so I could. Thanks for entering the survey!
      My only challenge with Pixar is I love them so much it could be boring reading. Got to figure out my angle.

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