Here’s a completely alternative point of view from my own on Dreamworks Home. Just trying to share a lot of different perspectives. Check out Movies, Books and Ramblings for some great content. My review go to post


3 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thanks. Someone had accused me of ‘trashing’ the film and so I wanted to show other perspectives. I didn’t think I trashed it. I was frustrated because it had a lot of potential. I didn’t give it an F after all. I think in a weird way the bad reviews may have helped it a little bit. Nothing saves a movie like really low expectations. It wasn’t one of those movies where I wanted to leave the theater I hated it so much. It just had lots of problems and I didn’t think it was very good. But others disagree and that’s awesome. I hope we can always have a vigorous debate while still respecting what others have to say. No trashing unless it is truly trash. 🙂 (I’m talking to you Chicken Little…)


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