End of Month Youtube Videos

I got some new videos up on the channel I think you will enjoy.  Definitely check them out.  If you haven’t already please subscribe to my channel and give me some thumbs up if you think they are any good.  Thanks!

Here’s one on movies I like to watch when I am sick.

Here’s the end of my blu-ray review series

Movies that I watched in theaters in March

Here’s one on why I think critics are particularly tough on Christian films but it would apply to any film with a narrow audience

Here’s my youtube review of Dreamworks Home

And finally here are the movies I watched at home in March.  Not my greatest viewing month but Akira was pretty cool.  I have to watch it a couple more times before doing a written review.

Again, thanks for giving them a watch and thumbs up.  I really appreciate it.  On to April!

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