AMC Animation March Madness

Over at AMC Movie News they are doing a fun project in honor of March Madness which is a college basketball bracket tournament but in this case it is Animation Madness!  They have selected 32 animated films and you have the chance to vote on different pairings at their website

Here John Campea and the team debate the value of different movies and what their picks would be.  I especially liked when all the girls started singing Little Mermaid (I would have done the same).  Some of the pairings are unfortunate as films would go a little farther if not initially up against such strong competition.  But here’s what they have to say.

I watched Akira tonight so I have seen all of the films in the bracket and they are all worthwhile although I would have made a few changes but there isn’t a bad film in the bracket IMO.  So I have filled out my bracket with their 32 and I also created a bracket with my own 32 films.  The interesting is that despite being very different I ended up with the same final 4, 2 and winner on both!  I guess my favorite animated movies are Up, Little Mermaid, Spirited Away and Fantasia however you shake it.

AMC Bracket-

amc bracket2

My Best 32 Bracket

my bracket
My top 32 Bracket

It would be fun if a bunch of my fellow bloggers put up their own brackets.  You might be surprised with how things work out.  Brackets are different than making a list because you are thinking about 2 movies at a time instead of an overall top 10.  Anyway, it’s all in fun so go and vote for your favorites and share your brackets.

Happy Bracketing!

23 thoughts on “AMC Animation March Madness

  1. I was slightly disappointed by the list. I would have picked only one of the Toy story movies for starters. I would have never picked 101 Dalmatians over Sleeping Beauty or Dumbo over Lady and the Tramp. And a little bit more variety would have been nice. Only one Don Bluth movie? Granted, Secret of Nihm is his best work, but I would have included A land before time at the very least. Also at least one Anime which isn’t Akira or from Studio Ghibli…perhaps Ghost in the Shell or Paprika.

    1. Yeah I kind of agree but I still had fun with it. That’s why I created my own bracket as well as did there’s. But isn’t it interesting that at least with me the final 4, 2 and winner was the same for both? That surprised me. I’m sure their bracket will look different than mine but I wouldn’t be surprised if Up wins for them as well. Will be interesting. They were originally not going to include Dragon and Monsters Inc and I’d be curious to know what they took out. Thy say South Park was one but I’d like to see what the others were. I would have included Prince of Egypt but I’m glad Shrek isn’t on it, so some omissions I agree with. I love 101 Dalmatians and Dumbo so glad it is on there but would have found room for Winnie the Pooh. Also seems a shame no Cinderella.

      Anyway, it’s all in fun. They were never going to make everyone happy. I would love to see your bracket, both their list and your own 32. It’s fun.

    2. I also would definitely not have included Wreck it Ralph on the list but I know I am in the minority on that one. To me it is average, just ok. I think Spirited Away is much better than Howl’s Moving Castle which I like but Tottoro is so great. I personally like my top 32 list much better. They should have consulted me 😉

      1. They should have consulted me to ensure that there are more good movies on the list which were influential behind the scenes.

      2. I really would be curious as imperfect as they are for you to do the brackets (amcs and mine) and see what your final 4,2 and winner is. It would be interesting

      3. The top half would look nearly identical, with Up winning. The lower half would for me go down to Secret of Nihm vs Beauty and the Beast…and the latter one would be my overall winner.

      4. It’s a nearly perfect movie….if they had figured out the time-issue and avoided some of the animation mistakes, not even Sleepy Beauty would be able to beat it.

      5. Totally agree. It was #1 in my Disney Canon rank but Little Mermaid has the most nostalgic value while Beauty and the Beast is the better made film so I go back in forth with them being 1 and 2.

      1. Isnt it interesting that starting with different lists I ended up with the same final 4,2 and winner? That surprised me

      1. Well just print out mine and x out my choice and put your own. Shouldn’t be too tough.

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