Frozen Fever Review

Spoiler if you don’t want to know anything about Frozen Fever than don’t read on.

frozen feverI was asked by frequent commenter Richard (check out his blog at  what I thought of the Frozen short before Cinderella, Frozen Fever, so I figured I might as well tell all of you.

I don’t think it will convince anyone that is on the ‘Frozen Sucks Train’ to get off but for fans they will really enjoy it.  I enjoyed it. It’s not a Pixar short or something like that or as lovely as Feast but there was a lot to like.

frozen fever2Basically it’s Anna’s birthday and Elsa is trying to make it a perfect day for her sister who never got a birthday party with Elsa and the castle being closed off. I thought it was lovely that Elsa wants to do something nice for her sister.

I also loved the design of Elsa’s new dress!

frozen fever3Kristoff and Olaf are back and they are a lot of fun helping to get set up for the party.

frozen fever7The problem is that Elsa has a cold which makes her sneeze snowbabies but she pushes on with the party (could be describing the last 2 weeks of my life!).

frozen fever5The problem is she’s collecting snowbabies at the rate I’m collecting tissues. It kind of felt like Gremlins on ice!

frozen fever 8Eventually Anna has to put a stop to it and let her sister know she can rest.

I’m sure someone will find something snarky to say about it but I thought it was a sweet little moment for the sisters, enjoyed seeing Olaf and Kristoff and the song ‘Making Today a Perfect Day’ by the Lopez’s was great.

Frozen Fever combined with the recent season of Once Upon a Time make me excited for Frozen 2.  I think with 2 lead female characters there is a lot you can do with the world and I’m excited to see what they come up with.

That said, it’s nothing new or groundbreaking as we’ve gotten used to seeing in a lot of animated shorts these days.  I’d give it a B.

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14 thoughts on “Frozen Fever Review

      1. Well and it was funny because I was sick watching it. Felt like it was talking through the screen to me but I just had to see Cinderella!

    1. For the record, I enjoyed Elsa’s new dress as well (SO GORGEOUS!). To tell you the truth, I like it a little bit better than her couple other dress designs. But that’s me, I guess. Oh, and I will say it was both funny and disgusting when Olaf eats part of the wedding cake and then puts ghe little ball of it back. Oh, and wasn’t there a part where the words “Happy Birthday Anna!” were switched around at one point?

      1. Yesh that was so funny. It was like Happy Banana Day or something like that. I might like the new dress better too. I’m excited to see where the story goes. With 2 lead characters I think there’s a lot they could do

    1. Oh, and another thing! I’d say it’s hilarious when Elsa blows the horn and then sends a giant snowball to the Southern Isles and then knocks Prince Hans into a cart. LOL!

    1. Yeah I agree. Just a fun little short. That’s why I gave it a B. I agree. Her dress is so pretty!

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