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We can all now be grateful Amazing Spiderman 2 was such a dud.  Without it we would never have gotten the exciting news of yesterday.  It’s something comic book movie fans never thought would happen.  Marvel and Sony have reached a deal to allow Spiderman to be in the MCU.  This means we will probably see Spidey in the Marvel Civil War movies.  Thor 3 and Black Panther have now been pushed back by a year in their release dates.

I know some people liked the recent reboot but I was never a big fan.  Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were good but the stories and especially villains were cluttered and uninteresting.  Plus, all the constant Sony product placement drove me crazy.  Sony will still own Spiderman and they will have some creative control but Marvel will hopefully be able to fix Sony’s big mistakes.

I think what could be really cool is they did motion capture for the flying sequences.  This would help it feel like a real person flying through the air instead of a computer graphic.  I also hope they cast someone who bridges the gap of nerdy Peter Parker and suave Spiderman.

My personal choice would be Logan Lerman and his name has been floating around.  I think he has a geeky side to him but also can be very cute.  He’s a good actor and is in one of my favorite movies of all time Perks of Being a Wallflower.  He was just shown in Fury to have a more adult tough side.

logan lermanEither way I have confidence in Marvel with how great Guardians and Captain America 2 were last year.  People love picking on anything that is popular and Marvel is no exception but I honestly feel it is unwarranted.  At least in my eyes their various franchises are very different. Captain America 2 was basically a spy movie more than it was a traditional superhero film.  Thor is more of an epic solemn feel.  Guardians was a lot like Star Wars with a fun eclectic group saving the galaxy. People talk about Marvel schtick but I really don’t see it.  To me there is a ton more diversity at Marvel than at DC which has produced the same gloomy picture over and over again.

I’m so excited to see what Joss Whedon can do with Spiderman.  I hope he gets put on the project because I think he will take it in an unexpected route. He’s so creative how could he not!

Anyway, I’m very excited.  Are you? Who would you cast as Spiderman?  Go Marvel!

Now we just have to hope Fantastic 4 is bad and we can get those over to Marvel too.  (JK I hope it is good).

12 thoughts on “Spiderman News!

  1. I would have prefered to see a third movie with Andrew Garfield first. But, oh well, I’ll take what I can get.
    Not a fan of the Logan Lerman option. That might sound odd, but he is too broad shouldered and has the wrong kind of hands. In a few years he will most likely look quite stocky. They need an actor who is as young as possible and can act, yes, but also one who has really long and thin fingers and a lithe build. After the perfection which as Andrew Garfield in the costume, I won’t be happy with anything less.

    1. I knew you would be disappointed. I am not as big of a Garfield fan or amazing movies as you but that’s cool. I know many who feel the same way as you do. Who would you pick for casting?
      I just like Lerman because he is a good mix of Tobey’s geeky Peter Parker and Garfield’s slick Spiderman. He just bulked up for Fury but in most of the movies he’s pretty wiry and skinny. He also has a young face so I think he could be in movies for a long time as Spiderman. But who knows. There are a lot of interesting options out there. I’m not that up on the actors of that age.

      1. I don’t think about it…I trust them to find the right guy. It is hard to pick someone without really knowing what they have planned. But I want an actor with lithe built, overly long and small fingers, who can sell the role…I bascially want a 10-15 year younger version of Andrew Garfield. And you know what, if they find an actual teenager who can pull the role off, I’d be all for it.

      2. That would be cool. The director will probably make the biggest difference and in a way they have a little breathing room since the first movie wont be a stand alone. If the casting flops like with Green Lantern they can recast

      3. Well…I can say that, just based on his build, of all the names which are currently thrown around, I like Dylan O’Brien the best.

  2. It’s definitely great news. I don’t mind the rebooted franchise too much: both films were OK, compared to the original trilogy where the first was OK, the second was brilliant and the third, while not irredeemable, was pretty poor. But it’ll be good to give Spider-Man a place in the MCU and see how he interacts with the characters we already know.

    I’d like to see them introduce the character in such a way that he’s already been Spider-Man for a while, rather than rehashing the origin story, though that would raise questions about why nobody in SHIELD etc has ever mentioned the super-powered guy swinging around New York before.

    1. I totally agree. We don’t need the origin story. That’s what could be great about introducing him as a minor character in a Civil War or Infinity movie. Just like we didn’t need another Hulk origin story for the Avengers and Mark Ruffalo. We all know who Spiderman is just get to the group story.

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