Film review: Big Hero 6

My friend from England finally got to see Big Hero 6 and loved it as much as I did. Great review!

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Big Hero 6

With Disney’s latest animated films having gotten me back into Disney after some time away, I’ve been really eager to see Big Hero 6 for a while. Unfortunately I’ve had to wait as the USA got it a couple of months before the UK, but this weekend, I finally got the chance. And…I really enjoyed it! Disney are still maintaining high levels of quality with their animated films even if Pixar have gone downhill lately; The Incredibles is still the peak as far as animated superhero films go, but Big Hero 6 isn’t far behind.

Our protagonist is Hiro, a teenage genius living in the city of San Fransokyo. After his older brother Tadashi persuades him to apply for the robotics school where he studies, Hiro invents multi-purpose Microbots for an expo in order to get in – but just as everything’s looking great, a fire breaks out at the…

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