DisneyToon Studios review: The Return of Jafar

My friend over at animatedkid is doing a review of the Disney Toons canon. If you aren’t familiar this includes all the direct to video sequels and movies, as well as franchise films like the Tinkerbell or Planes.
And no I will not be doing a similar endeavor because I want to keep my sanity. Especially in the sequel phases it’s going to be rough going. Still there are a few hidden ‘not as bad’ movies like Cinderella 3 so I’m looking forward to reading the reviews. Definitely check them out!


DisneyToon Studios 2nd film. DisneyToon Studios 2nd film.


My opinion right after watching film

My opinion on the film is that while I do not hate it, it is not a good movie in any sense. The songs are unbearable, the animation is not good, there is a confusion with the who the protagonist is, and there is a lot that is rehashed from the first film. This was a cash in from Aladdin, and a lead into the TV series.


Apparently the film was meant to be a TV special (it sure feels like it), and there was even questions for it to be theatrical, though they chose for it to be direct-to-dvd for a few reasons. One is that it would take them 5 years to put a movie in the theater lineup, and it would take longer for the film to be made. Two, Disney was pressuring theā€¦

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