Film review: Frozen

I really enjoyed this review of Frozen!

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(Warning: spoilers)

It’s now just over a year since Frozen – the highest grossing animated film of all time – first came out in cinemas. And it’s still massive business. This Christmas just gone, merchandise was all over the place. At Christmas-themed public attractions, Frozen characters often seemed almost as essential as Santa.  A sing-along version was re-released in cinemas. And “Let It Go” was being used in non-Disney adverts.

I’ve wanted to write something about Frozen for a while; maybe I held off because I couldn’t think of much new to say when it’s already been pulled apart so much. I first saw it on DVD some months after it was out in cinemas, and I felt it was one of the best Disney films to come out in some time.

The story feels quite different from many other classic Disney films. It doesn’t have very much in common with its original source…

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