Where the Wild Things Are Defended

Here’s a little defense I did on my other blog of Where the Wild Things Are, a very polarizing movie. The group I went with 2 thought it was brilliant, 2 hated it. I was so moved by it. To me it conquered a side of childhood that is rarely shown in the movies- the brooding thoughtful side. I was that kid and so I bonded with this movie and it really spoke to me. Definitely in the running for top 20 favorite movies. The voice cast is brilliant. The puppets are so refreshing from CGI and the subtle message about accepting people for their best efforts even when it breaks are hearts they can’t be more, is lovely. I just love it.

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Of all the movies I love the most controversial may be Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are?

I can’t think of any movie where literally half of the party I was with thought it was dazzling and half hated it.

It’s very polarizing, so let me explain why I like it.

The movie starts off with a boy named Max who builds a series of forts.  The first is a snow fort and then another is in his room with blankets.

Max becomes angry when the snow fort is destroyed by his sister Claire’s friends and she won’t do anything to help (or even look at said fort at the beginning) and then again when his mother won’t pay attention to his fort at home.

Everyone seemingly is ignoring and destroying him and he can’t do a thing about it.  His emotions…

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